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  1. haha chris has made this thread 900x better.
  2. Yeah: Shepard/Reid Flores/Turner for sure. Maybe more. Probably not.
  3. read this thread or have turantulas gnaw at your testicles?
  4. T- Detain A. [insert detain def.] B. Violation- Deportion, not detention Just toss in some standards and voters.
  5. I like the one about Bush being a robot, therefore he cannot act as part of the USFG.
  6. jshepard


    Does anyone else feel that it was weird as shit that they had all the classes moshed into one?
  7. jshepard


    oh. my bad. [edit:] I can't go to BA anyways. I'm only 2A
  8. jshepard


    BA's this weekend, too. I forgot.
  9. jshepard


    Who's going to be there?
  10. well then, I guess it's on like donkey kong
  11. jshepard


    It depends on the team and if/when they ask.
  12. If stem cell research was a fake, then Christopher Reeve wouldn't be alive today...oh, wait.
  13. You'd think someone was jacking off in here.
  14. Hey Drew, I found you a t-shirt. As for the votings: Boy: Tommy Girl: Hargis
  15. 7 "If at first you don't succeed, sky diving is not the hobby for you." My quote Pwns yours.
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