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  1. the above is all good advice. I dont know if anyone mentioned this, but in a world without topicality, debate collapses because there is no limit on what can be run. This means that limits are needed for any intellectual discussion to take place. You control the uniqueness. There is only a risk of both traditional policy and critical projects like their aff losing their forum.



  2. Neg: So you said that it was nearly impossible for DDT to spread to the food chain?


    Aff: Yes.


    Neg: So what exactly would have to happen for DDT to spread?


    Aff: Well, a bird would have to get infected and a person would have to eat that very bird.


    Neg: Do people often eat birds.


    Aff: Well, no.


    Neg: So you're saying you've never eaten turkey...chicken?


    Aff: (Thinks for a moment) Can't say that I have...


    Neg: (Caught unawares) Well, uh...I assure you that many people do...


    <later on>


    Me: (to one of my novii [the afformentioned aff]) You ate chicken at my house you lying f*ck!

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  3. For some reason, our coach is having us go 3 1/2 hours southeast to Quinton.


    Anyone else going...or is Kingfisher still the only 2A school that uses cross-x.com?


    Feel free to post affs or teams that will be at the tournament.




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  4. Upload me good music. I'm at work and that means no torrents.


    mediafire me.


    edit: Mediafire is now the preferred method of delivery. Also, I'm going to upload albums for others as well. This could be a rocking thread if people would upload albums.


    go to livejournal.com and joing the sendspace group. tons of music there.

  5. I've seen a lot of relationships between debaters start up ever since I began debating. It makes sense, to a point, because at tournaments we spend so much time together, and can get to know each other very well. It's also hard to start up a relationship when one is gone every weekend for a large portion of the year. But what happens when the competition gets heated? It poses a serious problem, not only for the two in the relationship, but for the team and/or coach. Should debaters not be allowed to date each other?


    my partners and i are a three-person team, and the other two (a guy and a girl) started going out at the end of the year. it completely fucked up the entire work ethic of our team: all they wanted to do was, well...each other, leaving all teh fucking work to me. and it's just weird seeing those two going out. but hey, whatev.

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