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  1. Interesting thought, but I don't think that either of those experiments necessarily prove that people are not ethical or moral by nature. They rather prove that people are highly influenced by others and by their environment.


    In Milgram's experiment people weren't "shocking" the mock patients out of sheer sadism, but rather because someone of supposed authority told them to; in Zimbardo's experiment, it was their environment and assumed role playing that caused them to become so immersed in the role of the guard.


    It just shows that people are easily led to do what under normal circumstances they would not.


    I'm sure you are also familiar with experiments where there was a line up of six or seven supposed subjects only one of whom was not an actor. The group would be asked a question and given that the four or five before the actual subject answered (quite obviously) incorrectly, the next, against his or her own judgement would follow suit (for various reasons, of course).


    That is to say, that people don't not have morals, but rather people will easily betray their own morals, judgements, and senses as per the will of others.


    i think pink floyd can be a tad boring at times

    Pffffffffffft. You obviously haven't listened to much Pink Floyd.

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  2. I am going to make this quite short.


    Fuck you.

    There is nothing romantic about it.


    Again, I am not going to turn this into an argument 'project' v. people who don't like them. But if you are going to make an ignorant claim attempt to back it up.


    Well, for instance:

    they are debaters, like you, like I, plain and simple.


    Many (if not most) people debating "the" or any "project" are not necessarily on some glorious mission to accomplish some sort of goal exterior to the round. Granted, there is a personal attachment to the argument as there may be with other arguments as well, but to glorify the project as something above debate, above the round, is complete bullshit.


    [edit] to clarify, I mean to place the project above the round when it's being used as a tool of the round, is absurd.

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  3. I can assure you a few of my kids would love an affordable, easily accessible camp such as this. Their parents don't necessarily believe "debate camp" is a good investment, especially considering the costs.


    Kingfisher would like to send a few to UTNIF. Working on fundraisers, etc. currently.

  4. For example; could banning oil (disincentive) to increase production of alternative fuels be perceived as topical? That might not be the best example but I think people know what I am getting at. Discuss..


    I see where dpron's going with this, but I don't think that a ban is a disincentive; it's a ban. I would think increased taxing on oil or making cars that don't run on dual fuel, etc. as a disincentive.

  5. what are youre views on emotions in todays society what the world be a better place or what with nobody caring and all


    Assuming you mean:

    What are your views on emotions in today's society?

    Would the world be better without emotions or worse due to apathy?


    First, I don't necessarily have any explicit views on "emotion in society." Frankly, everyone has emotions and displays them (or choose not to) to their own valition.


    The only way I would assume that you would assert emotions make the world worse is either due to petty middle school bullshit, or emotionally unstable people in the world.


    The problem with the arguement you try to make is that emotions cannot so easily be removed from people (or rather people from their emotions?) and emotions inherently have and will affect the world. Were it not for emotions there would possibly (forgive the cliches) still be slavery in the United States and at the same time there may not have been (again, sorry) the Holocaust.


    Either way, emotions affect society and the only choice we really have is to simply "live and let live," so to speak.

  6. I'd answer your solvency takeouts with a non-unique -- South Africa has been seeding for a while now, and its pretty effective.


    If you are honestly afraid of this aff, I think the defensive arguments are pretty compelling. Seeding is not 100% effective, it requires a lot of technology and research. It isn't like you can just do it any day, you have to seed certain clouds under certain conditions and it takes forever to sit around and wait. The infrastructure is expensive and if they are just paying for it all upfront the long term costs are substantial. Likewise, you can make up some sort of trade-off argument that if they garnish 100% solvency of rain then farmers won't change to drought resistant strains of crops because their status quo crops will work just fine, meaning when global warming finally comes and the "special storms" that the region requires in order for the seeding to work become more and more limited, it will juts be too late.


    I've been toying with some ideas and I think Shane's idea is the best route to go (ie, fx t, china cp).


    I've written a China CP Shell and I'm coming up with some wicked nb's, I've just got to write a solid FX T shell (shouldn't be a problem) and come up with some more China good and pull some really good AT Perms and I should be set.


    Thanks for all the help everyone.

  7. FX T...straight up. Even if they win that clean water is topical, their mechanism for reaching it is skewed. This case is more FX T than a reasonable case should be. If the advantages are pretty much the same, run cards off of that. Maybe run a China CP. After all, I hear China is pretty damn good at cloud seeding (I was reading about an article talking about how the government is GUARANTEEING that it will not rain on the opening ceremonies of the summer Olympics). So get a DA that links to US action and try that. As for specific neg, I don't know what to say. Maybe make that part of your T abuse story.



    Thanks! I was definitely thinking the same thing on FX T, and I really like the China idea, especially with their recent endeavor with weather control. I think that it may also be plausible to run a Russia CP as the technology that the Chinese are using to control weather for the Olympics was actually developed by the Russians.


    let me know if you come up with anything else.

  8. I don't get how this could even be slightly topical. Plus, they will never solve for Africans without access to a radio/TV, etc. And, it is not like weathermen can change the weather.


    It's not that weathermen are changing the weather, they're just calling the aff the weatherman aff. The idea is that they seed clouds to provide clean rainfall and claim the advantages of basically any clean water aff.

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