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  1. jdsmith1000

    Extemp TOC

    For someone who generically puts life as a whole to shame, I don't think someone of your caliber is much to say what is and isn't trendy BJ... congrats to ALL who have been invited...
  2. jdsmith1000


    You know the drill... So I was at 2A State this weekend... Results I know... and please fill in... Sweeps 1. Sterling 2. Moundridge 3. Minneapolis (sp) Informative Champion: Bre Roach (Sterling) Extemporaneous Speaking Champion: Anna-Lara Cook (Sterling) Poetry Champion: Nate Cook (Sterling) Duet Champion(s): Top Three (Sterling) Oration Champion: Natalie Stucky (Moundridge) 2nd: jesse ball (Sterling) Prose Champion: M. Stucky (Moundridge) that's all I've got...
  3. Before this forum is disengaged, I would like to make a whole hearted suggestion... As the Unofficial State Tournament for Congress is being held in Salina this weekend, I would contend many of its participants are heavily involved in the debate community, would it be a reasonable suggestion to have an unofficial meeting with coaches and desiring students to manifest some reasoning behind this topic? Maybe? I would like some feedback from ALL of you as to the interest of and committment to meeting in Salina this weekend to discuss this issue, if in the case that a decent number of coaches and students are willing to meet, I would personally contact Coach Harmon as to organizing a meeting room for open discussion on the issue... If you can't tell... I'm enthusiastic about online forums discussing this manner but in the end it's more viable to have open, physically present body of individuals discussing this manner in a civilized and moderated fashion. Because I lack the respect of most of the community and hence are unbiased on the issue I would be more than willing to moderate an open forum... rather than spewing disdain online let's actually take action to resolve the situation, let's practice what we preach and publicly discuss the issues. That's my suggestion...
  4. Daria has substantial issues with reality... and very little common sense. I suggest watching a real debate round someday...
  5. I would like to second Jeff as an awesome candidate and would urge everyone to vote him in...
  6. Hanson, you need to stop. No... rethink... just stop. As usual Jordan, you're fueling commentary and as a result of picking on the youngens, our posts get deleted... so stop... To Brunner & Potter... just stop... NO... stop... DON'T TOUCH THE KEYBOARD... just stop. You're embarassing not only yourselves, but more importantly OUR debate program, I do not appreciate it. Conduct yourselves as gentlemen, be tolerant and mindful... simply put... think. In regards to the moderation subject... I would agree, this thread is done... I would also add, no more subject matter on anything with RY... I'm making that call for current Buhler debators, and I'm making it as a Buhler Alum... if ANY debate competitor at Buhler High School so much as makes a peep about any of this, any further on Cross-x... the fury of hell will fall upon you like no other... this has gone far far enough Brandon and Andrew, be the type of guys I KNOW you are. As for the Hanson kid, Jordan... don't push around this subject, or fire off at the boys, anymore... if it interest you THIS deeply, write a book.
  7. Jordan, I exalt your testimony (first and foremost) as something to be cherished, as well I find no discredit in Zahra's arguments either... I encourage them. I agree with you in respect to the FACT that these opinions ought to be expressed. Aside from the guilt or innocence argument, and aside from the emotions on account of both parties, I will say that your response is not what has been questioned, for lack of better terminology, non-responsive to my post. More so I think you lack any justification as why your titled (DON'T Support RY thread) would necessarily be rejcted anymore or less than your claims on the already posted forums... this is exactly MY point. You assume far too much Jordan. Would people be angered by your position and the subsequent thread, yes... were you angry with MY position and the two threads... YES. The point is quite simple, differing value constructs and respresentations will exist in any context surrounding any circumstance... all I'm suggesting is, let's sign a peace agreement, you post on your thread... I'll post on mine. In this way you are allowed to express you opinion and still have it in plain view of those who wish to see either dialogue. I don't think is too much to ask, and I don't think it diminishes the substance or persuasion of your opinion in any way shape or form... does it foster argumentation? NO... rather it makes the matter more civil and justified by cross-x allowing the two threads to co-exist. As a matter of fact, I give you my written word, that I will do all in my minute power to make sure no bias is held against the existence of both threads... but that is only if you were to abide by the agreement... you post on yours, I'll post on mine, just as I have suggested for nearly two months...
  8. I think we all (or at least I) respect the opinions and for that matter the logic behind what Jordan and Zahra, along with others (whom I'm not as familiar with) have attested to, Mary. I don't take any pride in conclusion that became the "RY" thread. I will agree to an extent that Brandon (in particular) became irrational and that many of the words written in the thread did not present a tolerant viewpoint on the issue of the charges surrounding the matter. Formally I apologize for having started the facebook group, I intend to leave the group posted however, and resign as the administrator, my reason being the outcome of this "support" position. I don't believe Derek intentionally closed the thread due to what Zahra suggests is "dissent." Nor do I believe Derek is being politically motivated in the fashion Zahra conveys. Because Zahra makes these comments, I feel it feasible to equate her irrational claims with the way moderators (as she again suggest) often delete her posts, mind you nowhere did I say this is right, yet then again I AM and evil person. In the same regard, Dereks post as to not having a support thread on cross-x I also feel to be unjust, Mr. Z... I tried to do this... it was my facebook group... and guess who crashed the party? Jordan and Zahra, among a few other contradicting parties. NOW, directly following your post of today, Zahra then concludes that your deletion is "a horrible thing." So in my finite wisdom, I would then assume that until the Support Rights thread becomes created Zahra will not be content. What I find humorous, well actually it's not funny at all, I guess entertaining... is how the same rhetoric Zahra defused on the facebook forum, is the same rhetoric she displayed on the more recent thread... this is not to be taken as me, bashing her position, it's actually me simply looking at a young womyn who requested that her voice only be heard, and saying... So you've been heard... now what? Keep in mind that I'm not saying Zahra is at ALL the only one with these opinions, but after all... it wasn't a thread posted as "The RY Crisis" it was a thread entitled Support Richard Young. As I have said not only to Zahra in private but also through these discussions... I welcome (with civility) her opinion and I am provoked by her arguments, but I do not condone the constant push or defensive arguments that her and others relinguished on both these threads... please just call a stale mate... contrary to what Zahra argues, the thread had become QUITE regressive, because of this I support Dereks decision, even if Swanson's opinion was deleted, but I would rather you delete the whole thread next time bro. Zahra, don't trivialize your own pain, by making arguments against white-male prowess... your emotions as well as Swansons and others for that matter, are far more important than to make such a claim, although it might be true in other contexts, here well I dunno... I dont think that was appropriate. Also... "Your deletion is PRECISELY what every one of my posts in the RY thread was about." How so? I don't follow this premise, I assumed your posts were about equally observing the two parties involved in a lense of justice... with maybe a slant in favor of the other, Derek deleting your posts was due to the continous struggle between supporters of RY and others opposing that stringent support with arguments as simple as my words above. What I guess I'm struggling with... is why didn't you take my advice from the facebook group, and start your own? Make a post of contradicting opinions as you had done, with a url to your new group, maybe even repeatedly post the url, but don't become defensive when ignorants such as myself (as is your opinion) become defensive of their position. I think that's why people perceived you as to be starting a debate... I would move that swanson's post be allowed for view once again, but that the thread would remain closed, and I also would ask that until a countering thread has been created that others anywhere be created... thank you all for being so enriched and fervent in this matter, including you Zahra. JD Now, Jackson... I agree. Regulations would probably be ignored. So I concede, best judgement and community response is the best option, which is what we have here.
  9. I think... that if this is in fact a problem of recurrence, individuals charging Derek should maybe be more proactive... what I suggest is writing up moderation guidelines and regulations that would be used to dissect what is or is not appropriate based on the thread's purpose, which I also think should be outlined inthe future. Good luck, JD
  10. jdsmith1000


    I think I can speak for not only myself (as an assistant) but also Betsy and the Sterling squad as a whole when I say that we are truly humbled and consider ourselves blessed to be a part of WKNFL this season. Many of our students have voiced how appreciative they are of being offered this opportunity, not just in sense of being NFL members but more so at the chance to compete among some of the best in the region, possibly the country. It's awesome to hear how these students are responding... and how much potential is being fostered by the opportunity itself... We'll be in attendance but as of right now, we're not sure who and how many will be participating... as always Coach Dutton is committed to seeing progress and success as a student holistically before being too concerned with any hardware, which is the case with a majority of coaches. Just know that we're honored to be members to WKNFL.
  11. I know this might be a little over the top, probably due to my fervent position in defense of RY... but I have a couple questions... and they're legitimate concerns... to Zahra: I'm truly interested, as you have been the messenger on this issue, as to who you have read that suggest, support of an alleged sexual predator leads to further otherization (granted this would be a very generic term) of the oppressed? Naturally this would be specualtion as I'm not sure as to whether or not these authors account for the guilt or innocence(sp) of the victims oppressor... but I am interested in these works. - I would presume that your efforts would be better served if I actually read this material. Also, In the context of the obviously intense discourse preceeding this post, is it safe to say that Support Forums are not open for "negative" discussion on the subject of support? Why or why not? I understand both Swanson and Z's assessment, but I don't understand your position fully. I guess my best example, which is quite extravagant, would be Fred Phelps Soldier campaign, or his Matthew Shepherd campaign in Wyoming... hear me out... it would be a violation of the spirit of discourse to completely silence your voice... I agree with this immensely, but is there a time and place for that opposition to be heard? Is it on this forum? Much like the families of fallen service personel, many here do not wish to be disturbed with condescending viewpoints, especially at this time... is there a better avenue by which to express you opinion? Maybe ease the tension on this forum? Now, don't jump back Zahra and say that I'm comparing YOU, to Phelps... no, I'm not... I'm comparing these intensification tactics to Phelps tactics to better serve my understanding. Also, as another disclaimer to avoid inappropriate bangering, I'm not calling you a liar, or a horrible person... I'm simply asking questions about your position... I would invite a break down of my post, and sourced answers (or even analytical) to your position. Thank you.
  12. BTW: CONGRATS TO KSU. National Runner-Ups, that's pretty tight. ... just thought I'd jump in and throw some positive energy out there...
  13. I think it was Paul of the fab four who said it best Mr. Hanson... "Let it Be.."
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