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  1. rather than a "shits and giggles" tournament.. you should have a tournament where coaches and graduates debate and you guys judge...
  2. congrats to everyone!
  3. sorry to start another one... but does anyone know when the applications/fees are due... im attempting to raise the money, and i would like to know how long i have to try... thanks in advance.. Cory
  4. ok seriously.. everyone, stop it. this is for case disclosure, not for like.. arguing about morality of arguments.. at the point at which debate is a "game" you shouldnt worry about arguments that are ran.. just beat them.. whether its racial profiling good or racial profiling bad you should have answers.. etc etc... so dude, cut the junk and lets get back to the threads meaning
  5. alright .. i had no clue how much damage was done.. so i thought i would inquire.. Cory
  6. lol start a "teh garnar" jokes thread.. and we can relate them to debate, rather than roundhouse kicks
  7. is that like a "teh garnar" joke rather than a "chuck norris" joke??
  8. lol aite.. i concede!!! closeout for BK!
  9. idk... i can see a BK making it to finals (cory/shane) but i think that prashant/xavier will be the other team in finals...
  10. i heard that a tornado went through the campus.. will this have any effect on the camp?? like is it still happening, not happening.. etc etc Cory
  11. i disagree.. if you believe everything you ran inround.. debate would be nothing.. tommy, keep doing what you do.. it makes things interesting.. gives us a new perspective.. good job! Cory
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