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  1. I have been out of it! So today I found out what the topic is...pretty cool. Today found out cross-x new look sucks...and I think it's stupid how you can barely see what people are posting. I see that this forum is not that active yet... What teams are going to Valley this weekend? I think Fremont is going...
  2. Well, actually, now that I read it I say to myself, "Holy, f**$, I really didn't know what I was talking about...at least other people thought I did!" I never read one piece of philosophical literature that wasn't already in an evidence-cut file for me. By actually reading the philosophy now I think about debate a lot differently. And, I no longer hate economics....I'm minoring in it This is my first post and visit to Cross-x for a long--long time. I don't remember how long...but cross-x looks so much different..oh change!
  3. Fremont will not be attending Millard North due to financial situations, breaks, and of course the snow. However, I will be there! Yay, I know everyone is So exicited. Fremont will have 3-4 varsity policy teams at Westside and a string of novices. Is there going to be a Junior Varsity division at this tournament?
  4. Hello everyone! Sorry for the lateness of this I haven't checked cross-x since early september. I wasn't aware there was a wiki for debate cases in Nebraska until saturday at Millard South. So I guess it is partly my fault that Fremont hasn't uploaded their affirmative cases. I will post on our website and tell the debaters they must post by Wednesday, December 2nd, if not before. I pick this date since they have thanksgiving break, they don't have debate until tuesday-thursdays, and so everyone will have it before going to Millard West. Again, I apologize for the lateness. Congrats to the Mutants for winning Millard South! I hope everyone (Millard West, Westside, etc) did well at Glenbrooks. ~Lisa Kaplinger P.S- Can someone post the schedule for the season? Of course, if they haven't already...
  5. So we have MS, Fremont, MW? Does anyone know if Westside will make an appearance? What is going on at westside? Is JSmith still coaching?
  6. Who's all going to be at Valley? I know some teams from Fremont are going...I'm not sure which ones at the moment.
  7. If you have no idea what the orginal post said then you can't be "pretty sure" that I set myself up for that one. If anything, everyone sets themselves up for "this" because they actually try to post on cross-x.
  8. The only debater I can think of is Jenna Workman. I'm not sure if she is interested or not but she goes to UNK. Also, Congrats to Zack Burgin and Josh Wilcox on winning the mod positions for the Great Plains circuit. Hopefully they will abuse their power...well...as long as it remains amusing.
  9. Which teams will be attending state this weekend?
  10. If you're lucky it will happen to you.
  11. Instead of trying to make clever insults, which gay-molesting jokes are not, you could PM me your coach's email address like I asked... Thanks so much! Also, how did the Baylor Round Robin and Blake go for the students that went? I haven't heard anything.
  12. Because I want to email her.... instead of just saying you have it you could give it to me. And if you don't want to give me it on the forums then PM it to me.
  13. Does anyone know the Head coach from Fremont email address?
  14. Does anyone need a judge for Kearney? Fremont, Norfolk, Millard West, Millard North, Westside, Millard South, Lincoln High, anyone?
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