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  1. I have no idea what the new coach at IF intends to do. With any luck, i hope to be able to make it to judge.
  2. My practice had always been to print off the entire section of the article or whatever...but then go ahead and highlight down just the important parts....but if it came to it...the rest of the card was available. i think this practice is standard....for the most part
  3. Its almost like he's avoiding any refutation of this....
  4. even if i wanted to go. our coach is like on the verge of suicide....he gets all angry at us
  5. Here is my desire to go.........its gone.
  6. do you have a plan to defeat man-bear-pig?
  7. I would say detention without trial, without charge, in a war that has no end...to be clearly at a different level then what we expect for US soldiers. I think burning/flushing of Qurans to be on a different level I think having women guards acting to be "unclean," for lack of a better short description, to be on a different level. Either we give them POW status, we charge them with a crime, or we release them. its that simple.
  8. As far as Schenck v. United States goes, this case dealt with two anarchists who spoke against the government during a time of war. The court ruled that their first amendment rights could be suspended if they presented "a clear and present danger" to the nation. As in, anarchists running around in a time of war does alot of damage at a time where the stability of the national society is at stake. Now with wire tapping, this is clearly not the case of "clear and present danger" these wiretaps could have been done legally (see FISA court). Additionally, are we at war? Or if Bush has said, that this is a continuning war that could last for decades....is it ok to permanetly suspend rights? Oh wait..they call that totalitarianism....not america. And the Geneva Convention also has a clause (i dont have a specific reference) that requires something along the lines of "all people found in the hands of a nation" to be treated like a POW until such time as another designation can be given.
  9. my advice is to make arguments other than "this is against the debate code" but im no good at debate, so dont listen to me
  10. legos are acceptable. but only if i get the sweet little lego guns and lego ships too...so i can fly.
  11. Thats interesting that you would say that....because those girls from bonneville told me they would make me one. Someone should make me one. i do deserve an action figure. I would roll-play mega battles with dinosaurs and stuff. It was be so hardcore.
  12. i like public forum actually. The problem with policy in eastern idaho has several aspects. These problems are not unique to eastern idaho, however they are more present. 1) A hatred of certain kinds of arguments, Ks, Topical counter plans. etc. Judges are afraid to hear these arguments, and coaches look down on them 2) a widespread conservative bias in the general judging pool of eastern idaho. 3) Dumb habits of debaters like all new in the 2 4) A focus on good speaking, not good arguments. (now dont just tell me to speak better, because i often get top speaker awards) 5) an outdated style of debate, plan planks, stock issues, no real advantages. It is not just a question of adapting. Living in Eastern Idaho, i typically do very well at both local tournaments, and at the occasional boise tournament we make it to. I think most who have debated me could easily classify me as more of the western, speed, K debate style. I can talk as slow and pretty as the next person, the problem is...after being dropped so many times for bullshit things...i can no longer accept the argument of "adapt" There is a problem with the fundamental concept of eastern idaho Debate. with that, i would like to say there are good teams in eastern idaho. Jake and Debra from hillcrest are both very good. Brandon, mike and jake who post on here are also legit. The problem is that debate in eastern idaho has an anti-intellectual feel to it. Amazing arguments are not often rewarded.
  13. DUKE!!! sighs...i know it wont happen...but i like to dream
  14. Thats really interesting. Its a subject i've never given to much thought to before, but it actually really interests me...you should tell me more about UW because i just got accepted there and well, it interests me.
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