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  1. Erin_Kay


    Wyoming didn't advance any teams in CX either. Lianna and I got 6 ballots(won 2 rounds, lost 2 rounds, split 2 rounds) which is more than we expected with our 3 expandos and the American Heart Association K, (which we only got to run once since apparently it is illegal to solicit donations at a Kansas public high school and our existentialism activism only goes so far). Special thanks to the George Washington and Littleton folks who wrote the Positive Peace, Medical Peace Corps, and End-Strength files for the consortium; they served us well! Congrats to everyone and enjoy the summer!
  2. Lianna and I will contribute the files we've written this year, but we're unwilling to commit yet to cutting any more. Cheers.
  3. Thanks! That was indeed us (were you the Don't Ask Don't Tell team from prelims or the one from outrounds?). Best of luck at your Nat Quals!
  4. Congratulations, especially to the East girls! See ya in Kansas!
  5. In the past, Sandy Patrick of Cheyenne East has taken on the responsibility of organizing a regional research consortium, which is definitely the way to go if you're interested in pooling resources. I think we only ended up writing about 4 new blocks last year in exchange for approximately a lot of files. I don't know if she's doing it again this year (and Lianna and I may skip out in favor of kicking back with the old American Heart Association existentialism, in which case we'll certainly contribute the blocks we've written thus far this year), but there will probably be something posted about it after the Colorado Nat Quals have happened.
  6. Thanks, Jamie and everyone! Congratulations to Bryngelson/Jolley for qualifying as well, to Waterworth/Schaal (sorry I don't know first names) for many excellent, competitive rounds with us, both here and at state, and to the entire Worland team for having so many teams go so far. Best of luck to everyone next year! I predict Worland will probably qualify at least one team de facto next year . . .
  7. Natrona is sending a team for the sole purpose of allowing our district to qualify 2 teams. So be nice to those kids.
  8. The shindig in question is at Laramie High School, March 15-17. Thursday (the 15th) is just Congress. As always, we need judges, and college debaters are most welcome and appreciated.
  9. Erin_Kay

    Wyoming State

    That's too bad. We haven't had a fast round in months. However, the 360 mile drive to Cody is not something I would wish upon anyone . . .
  10. Erin_Kay

    Wyoming State

    Will we have UW (or other college debater) judges for this tournament?
  11. Erin_Kay

    Wyoming State

    As stated elsewhere, Laramie will have Lockwood/Martin and Ahlberg/O'Toole competing in CX at State.
  12. Scratch that. A couple of wayward LD-ers, intent upon qualifying in CX (ours is not to reason why, etc., etc.), will be joining the policy ranks for state and districts. Laramie will have: Lockwood/Martin Ahlberg/O'Toole Sure. Unless you've done something unnice. Why aren't you debating any more?
  13. In all likelihood, Lianna Martin and I will be competing, but we'll probably be the only policy team from Our Fair City.
  14. Hey thanks. We weren't made fun of so much as made the targets of vitriol and spite (and some pretty mean-spirited lies concerning what we are going to do with the money). Which I suppose is to be expected when you are making a conscious attempt to undermine people's weekend. In any case, thanks for a most excellent round -- you guys handled the K the best of any team we've debated, and deserved to win (according to traditional debate framework anyway Peace.
  15. Does anyone have a plan text/outline for a case dealing with (presumably abolishing) the CAPPS program? Vielen Dank
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