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  1. Neuf

    NFL Nationals

    when will results be announced?
  2. what a noob. at nats, as far as i know, dobson didn't break, and brophy and pcds both made it to round 10, or the fourth of the double elimination "out rounds"
  3. i watched a few humor rounds, apparently being funny isnt much of a prerequisite
  4. ask your varsity members for the pcds strat against d and g.
  5. i love the bargain it weeds out the bad teams that run debate bad from the good ones.
  6. divneet's tamer than he wants you to think. his answer to debate bad would be to sound pretty and suck up to the judge.
  7. i find them boring, they very often get extremely messy, and i usually find like 4 off no case rounds the easiest.
  8. it seems as if just about every high school debater, by the time they graduate, has taken up smoking.
  9. pcds will have zhang/zweig and latif/someone
  10. Neuf

    Southwest Seniors

    remember i beat you without debeus. i was neg, and im not even a 2n.
  11. Neuf

    Southwest Seniors

    i am. and im debating. you debating? i think dane is going, and im not sure about the dobson guys, but a couple are going there, not sure who's debating
  12. i'm really not sure--i dont think basis even made the elimination rounds. we almost missed it too, we had chaparral 1 in our room, and so we ended up only getting into elims on the tie break. we met em again (and lost by 2) in finals.
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