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  1. Aww th next generation I love it
  2. Hey I just needed to reply ans correct some misinformation thats been handed out First their is a fridge and a microwave available in Welch. You can find them in the common rooms on every floor Second each Zag Scholar team gets a complete set of the printed evidence
  3. GarryP

    PNW Nationals 2K8

    To all those attending I would like to wish you a very heartfelt good luck. You're gonna give em hell
  4. 3.78 this semester what you got? Love you
  5. his 1ARs love life attention span sense of humor abillity to have a clue ect.
  6. Don't worry about it admin is working on it. except a response after Friday
  7. GarryP

    CAMP 2008

    You should come to the GDI its where all the cool kids are.
  8. right here sir right here
  9. Dear Andrew, In regards to your post, and my being strange. I mean Im not talking about organizing a gang to hunt the weather that doesn't make any sense, and to me i strange. Also Andrew allow me to drop some knowladge on you when you get to college they'll make you take a class called logic in this class you'll learn about logical fallacies. These are arguments that have an argumentve flaw that dont respond to an argument. For example you just committed the "Tu Quoque" logical fallacy, saying that I'm wierd, which I dont even know why is true, but thats probabbly right, does not respond to the fact that you guys are saying silly things nobody cares about in a public forem, and embarrissing yourselves, but whatev. Also, be nice to Melissa. Love, Garry P.S. I would prefer if you didn't call me Gare Bear.
  10. you guys are so weird
  11. Good luck at state tomorrow all make me proud
  12. two words circle jerk
  13. that shit got postponed don't even worry about it
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