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  1. Do you have any kulynych cards/files talking about rejection and discourse solves? Or, any books she has that says that?
  2. Could you fill me on on who else and what books Kulynych has that would be good for cutting? You said there are many more so can you name some please? Thanks
  3. Read Homo Sacer first, and then State of Exception as a follow-up. Homo Sacer lays down the ideas and the terminology and beliefs and everything like that, with just applying it slightly to Germany and a few other places. State of Exception applies those ideas to the history of the world and gives you many specific historical links, along with some pretty decent alternatives.
  4. K's-R-Us


    I was wondering if anyone either had a list of books by her that are good for cutting, an actual file, or anything else that would help me with getting this evidence. Book titles and files would be very very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Still waiting on my Marx questions.....What books would be good to cut his arguments that are used in adebate a lot form and also where I would get a decent understanding of his beliefs?
  6. Well the aff would be to stop detaining for GTMO - hence solving your terrorist thing. Also, i just gave like a whole paragraph on how you do tear down biotix, and until you answer those, they stand.
  7. Ok thanks for that stuff for the start....Agamben is not my first author AT ALL, but I'm just syaing he is a good read too. Also for Marx, is that the book that the common debate arguments are ran from? And I'm still waiting on the util good/bad books.
  8. Guatanamo Bay is perhaps the perfect case for foucault/agamben philosophy. Whyte, Butler, and Agamben all talk about how GTMO is perhaps the biggest biopolitical space yet ever to be realized (as it is compared and equalled to a concentration camp). So...If you tear that down....you are teraing down boipolitics. Also, there is a lot of literature on how it is a state of exception (and common sense) and then more literature on how the state of exception is key to the sustainment of biopolitics. Killing SOE is killing biopolitics. That's just what my ideas were....I hope I helped.
  9. Why the hell are you not saying to read Agamben? I am currently reading his books, and although he semi-contradicts himself slightly a few times, he is good for an overall understanding of power. Homo Sacer especially..... I was also wondering what books to cut for util good/util bad.... Also, what books from Marx should I read in order to get a kritik cut from it, while also getting a good understanding of him?
  10. Does anyone have cards saying that our in round micro-political rejection will help to solve the problems and tear down _____? I really need these cards and will trade heavily for them. Also, if anyone has any book cites on those it would help a lot. Thanks in advance.
  11. I was wondering if anyone had some cards on how micro-political resistance is key to solve, and things like that? Just generic how we cause movements and solve for the problems. If anyone has these cards then please email me at breckslover@hotmail.com I will be more than willing to trade for them if need be. Or, if you could give me a list of books that contains good cards for this. Thanks in advance.
  12. I also need this. Any cards/files or anything at all relating to kritiking T, please either post it here or give me an email at breckslover@hotmail.com It would be greatly appreciated, and I would trade some things for it in order to make it worht your while.
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