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  1. Deciding between Chicago, Michigan Honors, and Berkeley. Staying on the waitlist at MIT. I mean... uhh... Pavan decided I was going to Chicago... uhh... with JSid...
  2. We're looking for hired judges for the Evanston Township High School debate tournament this weekend. We're especially interested in judges who would be available both Friday AND Saturday, but we're also interested in one-day judges as well. Please note: if you're already committed to judge for a team entered in the tournament, please keep that commitment. Anyone who isn't hired and is interested should reply ASAP to dvsong@aol.com -- pay is generous and we can probably help you find a ride too if needed. Here's the schedule: FRIDAY Round 1 3:45-5:15 Dinner 5:15-6:15 Round II 6:15-7:45 Round III begins at 8:00 SATURDAY: Round IV 8:30-10:00am Round V 11:00am-12:30pm Lunch 12:30-1:45 Quarters 2:00-3:45 Awards 4:00-4:30 Semis 4:45-6:15 Finals begins at 6:30pm
  3. JL90909


    Congratulations to Centerville on a bid well deserved
  4. I only talked about it because no one else had heard about it. And.... i'm probably not getting in so it doesn't even matter. But congrats on Wake dude, that's tight as hell. (and not that this is relevant at all, but I'm cutting my hair after Christmas. But let's not clog this thread with comments on it, shall we?)
  5. Bala and I have the same list, with two exceptions. Go us University of Michigan (accepted) University of Chicago (accepted) MIT (deferred) Swarthmore Harvard Yale
  6. I think the bottom line of this post is that any lab with Jonathan Sidney is hot, in so many ways. Nuff said. He can kill wizards after all... too bad for all of you that he's graduating...
  7. I don't like this thread. It relies on the assumption that it actually matters what lab you're in. Many people who weren't in SS are awesome debaters and got a lot better because they realized that their lab leaders were awesome. Plus, so much at DDI is interlab, so a lot of the time is spent with people other than lab leaders. But the bottom line is how much you improve at DDI is mostly dependent on what you do with your time there, not what lab you're in. And besides, anyone who judges someone's skill based on what lab their in doesn't know what DDI is all about. If you want to go to DDI, I'd suggest thinking think about who you request as a lab leader. Alot of people say they want to be in SS because it's the "top lab," without consider what each lab is particularly good at.
  8. I loved Green Porno. (i think that's what it was) Yall rocked, i wish you well for round two. JLib
  9. It seems like there's not alot of discussion from Illinois people. Any comments about Illinois debate next year? Camps? other stuff? I just have one word: Awesome.
  10. I'm probably applying to DDI and senior assistants. I think i know a couple of other people too but i'm not sure.
  11. JL90909

    ISTA Results

    Would one of those fine individuals who happen to presently be situated at Illinois Novice/JV state care to post results? Thanks --JLib
  12. SME KM d. OPRF EGR d. New Trier So the other semis round is SME v. EGR. I'm 95% sure Shawnee Mission is aff. Congrats to them on an awesome tournament thus far.
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