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  1. and in an addendum to my own post KosherChild: "repping the 802 crackasssssssss" oh yeah and im debating with the RJ giglio
  2. the 305 kathy bowen gulliver prep 1n/2a jackie hattler miami palmetto 1a/2n
  3. correction: i will not prostitute myself. sorry karina i know you are extremely attracted to me but hitting on me in public isn't helping your chances.
  4. correction: i will for sure cut you cards
  5. Hi, my name is Kathy Bowen and I am a junior at Gulliver Prep. I am extremely interested in going to the Woodward tournament this year and am currently looking to be hired as a judge/coach/research assistant. I attended the Tournament of Champions as a sophomore and have acquired 4 bids to the TOC as a junior; at Wakeforest, University of Florida Blue Key, Emory and Harvard. I recently debated in the semifinals of the Harvard tournament and was 5th speaker at St. Marks earlier this year. If hired, I just need a plane ticket, as I already have a place to stay. Provided you can pay for a ticket, I will cut as many cards as you need and judge any division I am eligible for. My email is kay0092@aol.com if you’d like to get in contact with me. Thanks! Kathy
  6. cps- karina (or should i say towely) and tyler are 3-0.
  7. sorry im not up to date on the debate scene. yeah i heard your soph, tyler, is sick. he had some bad ass from gulliver prep explain to him how to give 1ars.... so basically hes screwed
  8. gulliver will in fact not be attending the stanford tournament. but shotgun Caddo GGs extra ipod if they win it
  9. gulliver prep is sending kathy/julio rachael/bo bo (i love james brockaway too)
  10. Hey ian! i just got internet back after huricanne KATRINA (cough cough).... that night was really funny. i was so desperate for money i was willing to profess my love for jesus in front of 20 people.
  11. fo sho! florida love Arya517: BOBO Arya517: is SO FAMOUS Arya517: and he doesn't even have BIDS!
  12. i love bo bo! i was not making fun of him.. i was giving him props for the gbn hook up at sdi ... and i have to put this in here rdb921: u should post this convo lol rdb921 (3:54:12 PM): cut cards you stupid welsch kay0092 (3:54:35 PM): NO i refuse rdb921 (3:54:42 PM): then i'm going to bang ana campo rdb921 (3:54:46 PM): shotgun it kay0092: lolno you post it rdb921: dude i don't want people to think that i want to bang your mom rdb921: then they'll thnk i only like moms and i won't get any girls ever again AND I DO NOT WANT REUBEN
  13. okay i love you all... but everyone needs to stop shotgunning my mom. its a little overwhelming receiving 30 IMs saying "shotgun ana campo." but i have made a lot of new friends. this is especially directed to raj warsh and karina..if they ever tell you to do this, JUST SAY NO okay thats it... oh and SUPAL WANTS BO BO Arya517: i'll hook up with bo bo ... i just know rajat is going to post with "shotgun ana campo" now
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