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  1. I've spoken to a few schools, but am still looking for a school to judge for at the NDCA, NFL, and CFL tournaments. I debated 3 years for Shawnee Mission West High School in KS and am currently a debater for the University of Texas at Dallas. e-mail me if you're interested at andrew.baker.utd(at)gmail.com
  2. I'm also available that weekend. Andrew Baker andrew.baker.utd(at)gmail.com The University of Texas at Dallas
  3. I am looking to help assistant coach at the NFL and CFL debate tournaments. I debated for 3 years at Shawnee Mission West High School and am currently a Sophomore policy debater at the University of Texas at Dallas. This year I have been assistant coaching Ashland High School (OR) throughout the year, but they are not attending either tournament. E-mail me at andrew.baker.utd[at]gmail[dot]com if you have further questions or are interested.
  4. Hey everyone, I am looking to help assistant coach at the NFL and CFL debate tournaments. I debated for 3 years at Shawnee Mission West High School and am currently a Sophomore policy debater at the University of Texas at Dallas. This year I have been assistant coaching Ashland High School (OR) throughout the year, but they are not attending either tournament. E-mail me at andrew.baker.utd[at]gmail[dot]com if you have further questions or are interested.
  5. Baker

    TOC Ruling

    To answer you: 1. The activity reaps what it sows - debaters continuously call out coaches. In this thread alone JWP (Man who purposely dragged his feet on the paperwork), KSHAA (fascist), the "big" schools (who, contrary to popular belief, are composed of real people), and Reg Romaine (for taking action on the issue you are debating, literally constructively stating his opinion to the people that actually make the decisions) among others. Coaches are people, they don't like being insulted or even questioned without being able to state their opinions. They were once debaters, and as a classification of people, we don't like being randomly called out. 2. Stand up or shut up - you can't look me straight in the face and say that debate isn't moving away from decorum. The world isn't all puppy dogs and rainbows. Debate has started incorporating coaches into the student group - they aren't just officials of the game, they are often friends that actively create the community. Thus, as they become closer (which I'd argue increases the value of debate), they are going to engage in more of the community practices. In short: community = becoming more sarcastic/cutting coaches = part of the community coaches = becoming more sarcastic/cutting I know this analysis might be hard to observe from your view in the hyperreal, but think about it. 3. He was my coach. I respect him. I'm proud of him. I think I can speak for a few. You can stop reading now earendil since your ad homs show you lack an argument on the issue at hand. A few comments - There is somewhat of a famous post on e-debate (the college cross-x equivalent) which really addresses a fundamental aspect of the debate community. A card at a prominent college tournament was thought to be "too good." Some said that the card had been written by an author just for the debate topic. The author of the card was contacted about the issue and he functionally responded "No one cares about debate. Get a life. I'm a policy analyst" (this is a paraphrase because he was pretty crass). From what I know about the people at power in the ToC ruling (KSHAA, School Boards, Principals, etc.), I can safetly say they aren't reading "that fancy virtual debate message board." No one is listening. The reason rules haven't changed is because those who are in control of them haven't been informed/lobbied. Change doesn't start here. It can only end here. Debates that lambaste as much as these only serve to divide the community. And, surprising as it may be, a divided community would be worse then any tournament exclusion possible. It would make debate not fun. Also, this alters the way in which arguments should be hashed. The "I deserved it, I worked hard" attitude isn't the way in which to persuade those in charge of the 500 mile rule and the ToC ruling. We know: you deserved it, a bunch before you deserved it; but that doesn't make policy. Debate institutions are concerned about a finite number of things (education, participation, competition, etc.). They look at the broad patterns, not the cases. Maybe we should actually try communicating to those in charge (not each other) that there are clear reasons for change. If the arguments are persuasive (as in they answer some of the more macro level concerns of educators such as Mr. Anderson who poses a participation vs. competition question) those in charge will change policies no matter who's feathers are ruffled. For the debaters, I'm sorry. It sucks. Don't get down, there is college for you. Remember the goals met. ToC success doesn't mean NDT success. Use it as a motivator. The idea that the rhetoric being used in this discussion (on both sides here and there) is rational makes me laugh. This is like a caddy last two rebuttals with more jokes than impact calc. Think of a strategy to change things so this doesn't happen to others, but complaining doesn't fix it. The community just becomes polarized.
  6. Baker

    NFL/CFL Judging

    What awkward music am I fascinated with anyway? I'm pretty sure our theme songs for last year included Bob Marley's "Could you be loved?" and anything Radiohead. Sounds pretty standard.
  7. Baker

    NFL/CFL Judging

    Andrew Baker - 3 Years HS Debate - Shawnee Mission West - Currently a college debater entering my sophmore year at the University of Texas at Dallas Can't judge at NFL, but am available for CFL and the TOC (I think? Is there a rule about how many years out you can be before you judge at the TOC?). Can cut cards and coach if necessary. I'm pretty cheap. abaker16[at]gmail[dot]com
  8. how about just "coerced apologies bad." it's one thing if they are saying sorry right after they drop the f bomb, it's another when it's number three on the flow in front of "perm" and behind "no link." their argument will be "apologies have a shaming effect when coerced." I don't really know an answer to that, and it is based in literature, however, I assume you can still make your "bad" faith arguments.
  9. Just an observation - this debate is pulling everybody out of the woodwork on different sides. People are actually arguing such. Something that doesn't happen on cross-x threads much, especially in Kansas. It is refreshing. I guess my one global question for this debate is why are the kids that seem to be getting kicked out of Kansas debate the ones that people are advocating stick around? It seems like Kansas wants to maintain a strong form of classical inclusion with an emphasis on a style of debate that favors acceptability over difficult “techy” styles. I guess I just don’t understand why the kids who enjoy that kind of debate can’t pursuit it and allow a community going a different direction to work itself out. Another concern I have is for the people who just want to pursue big name tournaments and opportunities in order to compete competitively in college. I feel that often this is a view overlooked in these internal Kansas debates. Debate doesn’t end in high school and the name of the game in college is recruiting and I think those who want to pursue it should get their chance.
  10. food poisoning = easiest way to clean out some old jokes.
  11. Baker

    Save Kansas PFD!

  12. Baker

    College Judging

    My availability is limited (since I will be living in Dallas), but I'm willing to help wherever I can. Andrew Baker 3 Years of Debate at Shawnee Mission West in the EK district Freshman debater at the University of Texas at Dallas andrew.baker.utd@gmail.com
  13. Name: Andrew Baker School: University of Texas at Dallas Major: International Political Economy Debating: Yes
  14. Baker

    Save Kansas PFD!

    I'm reposting this from the nfl discussion because it seems rather relevant: <<What exactly does this debate mean? What can come out of it? If someone wins that resources are key to debate success is someone going to take the trophy and cut it in half and only give them the part that is designated for talent? People: different teams have different resources. The name of the game is to win using what you have. Wanky criticisms, pics, and just smart argumentation have consistently been able to level the playing field for teams that have fewer resources. Good teams don't complain about how other teams have more opportunities, or better stuff, the work harder and succeed more.>> In addition to that, I personally believe that PFD is anti-educational. The experiences I have had is that for many debaters, PFD is the giant black whole that sucks them into the twilight zone that is lazyiness. In many states, a kid debates his novice year against a varsity team and gets the beat down. The novice debater gets so discouraged that he starts doing pfd because it (a) requires less work and ( is mostly based on natural, persuasive skill. I think it would be hard for anyone to argue that policy gets the benefits of persuasion (even speed debate involves it) and that less research and argumentation is better for education. This is also a reason that the structure of Kansas' rather large policy pool helps it maintain a larger number of policy debaters than pfders - there's no alternative to policy in the fall and we ease people into some of the "scarier" parts of policy debate. I know most of these arguments are repetitive, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that I agreed in many ways with what was being said.
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