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  1. "nietzsche's arg is basically how biopower (as foucault later calls it) is trying to protect life. the state's goal is to protect life as the highest goal. "god is dead" shows how he's for the separation of church and state, but he'd still be okay with people taking higher values in religion (just as long as it's apolitical). as an extensialist, what eternal recurrence would be for me is for life to go on forever, so what i do is imagine it like if could repeat this life forever, life as the highest of values."
  2. Gulakov is dreamy

  3. Nietzsche died decades before the India's independence? Not trying to be a troll, just curious and hoping for clarification.
  4. I'm not old enough to actually know this, but I've heard a number of stories that after the Thriller video everyone started wearing that red jacket.
  5. Coco's, which is slightly south of 21st on the drag, has decent chinese food. Like Dave said, Madam Mam's is really good if you like Thai. Crave, on 21st @ Guad, has really good Thai curry. Crave also has Sushi, but i like the sushi at Sushi Nichi(spelling? Its a few blocks west of the drag on 24th) better, esp M-Th 4-6 (Half price on a lot of stuff).
  6. This thread may indeed be book porn, but I enjoy it nonetheless (even though I've never contributed).
  7. Please don't leave us alone with the crazy Texas state legislature...
  8. On a related note, if anyone has HBO I would encourage them to watch "Death on a Factory Farm" on Monday. I've heard some pretty good reviews. http://www.nydailynews.com/lifestyle/2009/03/13/2009-03-13_he_hogties_abuse_on_hbo_documentary_deat.html
  9. I remember hearing people talking about poor veterans services earlier, that providing more services would increase army recruitment. I don't know if this is true or a good idea, I just remember people talking about it on this board.
  10. JGuha

    drugs kritik

  11. I've never heard of a Kritik being won because it had more expert opinions than the other side.
  12. I think March 26-30th, not 100 percent sure. You coming up to visit, Sean?
  13. JGuha

    Slumdog Millionaire

    That's because its hard to explain. For me it was just a good experience - good, coherent story, interesting framing device (gameshow), good acting, lots of funny parts, lots of good sad parts, etc.
  14. JGuha

    list of kritiks

    In my experience I'm not sure that's entirely true. I kind of like the Wendy Brown ID politics card, here's an excerpt: what we have come to call identity politics is partly dependent on the demise of a critique of capitalism and of bourgeois cultural and economic values. In a reading that links the new identity claims to a certain relegitimation of capitalism, identity politics concerned with race, sexuality, and gender will appear not as a supplement to class politics, not as an expansion of Left categories of oppression and emancipation, not as an enriching complexification of progressive formulations of power and persons of which they also are-but as tethered to a formulation of justice which, ironically, reinscribes a bourgeois ideal as its measure. If it is this ideal that signifies educational and vocational opportunity, upward mobility, relative protection against arbitrary violence, and reward in proportion to effort There is also the Herod link, which its almost like a focus tradeoff da, so I'll admit it isn't the best ID Tix card out there: but I've seen zizek evidence that has almost the same warrants as herod.
  15. JGuha

    list of kritiks

    Non-Lacanians as well
  16. JGuha

    poetry aff

    Have you run this in round before? How did it go?
  17. If you think thats bad, take a look at their cat:
  18. Random Question: When and in what work did Foucault first talk of biopower?
  19. There were quite a few I think. Some were really creative - my favorite was one that said "If 35 > 45, then I would be a student at OU"
  20. Sorry I don't actually know anything about agamben, but out of curiousity what class is this for?
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