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  1. it's from all those heroin needles.
  2. xine

    Maverick in TFA?

    haha.... my first return to this site in five(?) months and this is basically the first thing I see. Soren, you're right. I AM a debate urban legend. And by urban legend I mean quitter.
  3. xine

    Plano Sr.?

    quarters: st. edward's episcopal vanmiddlesworth/patrick def. grapevine gajewsky/hall 3-0 (abbas, two other people) grapevine beglari/melendez def. westlake malitz/jenkins 2-1 (sage, puryear, *tian) churchill o'quinn/munoz def. hebron vaziri/assadi 2-1 (chen, wisenhunt, bhadriraju) coppell ramos/krishnamurthy def. grapevine frazier/pryor semis: churchill mo def. st. edward's vp coppell rk def. grapevine bm 3-0 (abbas, bao, tian) finals: coppell rk (aff) def. churchill mo 3-2 (abbas, bao, chen, *tian, *fairchild)
  4. xine

    Plano Sr.?

    well, caddo's no longer on the list of competing schools at joyoftournaments.com. so, yeah. be positive.
  5. xine

    Plano Sr.?

    I somehow missed seeing the 8AM (ugh) debate round, so yeah, ignore what I said about the 3 prelims. I'll definitely be there even if I'm not judging, to see kids/ indulge in some awesome key games. Apparently I am still a debate groupie :[
  6. xine

    Plano Sr.?

    1) The Joyoftournaments page says there will be 3 prelims rounds, but almost all local tournaments and the Plano tourney in the past have had 4. Why 3? 2) Am I judging?
  7. xine

    Plano Sr.?

    hopefully the tab room will move faster than plankton this year. :] just kidding. go to plano senior. it is always sweet: - it is well run and as close to on time as big local tournaments can be - get a head start on the season - lots of good early competition - you don't have to compete against plano senior for sweepstakes points - qualified judging for ie's AND debate - as long as i don't have to judge CX.
  8. xine


    kids... DDI hasn't even started yet.
  9. xine

    Texas Peeps:

    The DFW metroplex has A LOT of nightclubs and music venues, simply because it's so large. If you're interested in live music, there are loads of touring shows downtown (Deep Ellum = pretty vibrant) and most of those places have local music every night. http://www.guidelive.com has performance schedules plus advice on stuff to do around Dallas.
  10. I don't think there are any MAJOR tournaments missing. Arlington (October/Novemberish) and Allen (first week of Feb) usually host tourneys, which aren't on the calendar. They might have chosen not to have one this year. Also, Greenhill and St. Mark's aren't on the TFA calendar. (Maybe because they're TOC bid tournaments?) Judging from previous years, Greenhill will probably be the weekend of 9/15 and St. Marks around 10/20.
  11. In response to the above poster: West Texas is quite UIL-y. Stock issues, not that much weird stuff run, spreading is not unheard of but isn't extreme/very common. [Disclaimer: I don't live in WTX, but I've competed at a couple of West TX tournaments.] Christine Tian Plano Senior '06 Attending Dartmouth in the fall, not debating I can judge in the DFW region for the months of August, September, December, and assorted weeks throughout the year -- just ask. frog@dartmouth.edu I can judge/competed for 3 years in high school in Extemp (twice qualled for state in both DX and FX, state FX semifinalist), CX (twice qualled for state, went to camp, blah blah blah), LD, and Congress (twice qualled for state, National semifinalist).
  12. It's very humid and semi-hot, but not so hot that you'll die without a/c. You'll probably end up with two-three tubs worth of evidence, but you can ship extra back to yourself. One-two tubs is fine. There are... pretty much no rules for leaving campus haha. except that you have to be back in the dorms by 11. one-two people per dorm room. the dorms are... dorms. not spectacular, but not gross. bring your own light blanket, though - dorm-provided blankets are awful.
  13. You pretty much get to pick your partner within your lab, but if you're not 100% certain about who you want to debate with, the lab leaders will decide for you.
  14. false. yeah no. i really think that being involved in debate DOES help get you into college, although of course bottom line is, if you don't have at least decent grades, that won't work. if you're a fantastic national circuit debater planning on doing it in college, then college coaches can lean on admissions officers. even if you just debate locally, but put a lot of time and effort into it, admissions officers like to see focus and drive put into an extracurricular that involves lots of critical thinking and such.
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