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  1. this bet is illegitimate - you were never going to give me supermod powers anyway: your post in the chris jay thread says that supermod powers are an unreasonable request. THEREFORE: you were never going to follow through anyway. QED
  2. cowboys for tonight, more later, I promise (:
  3. I thought you wanted to ban me after I hurted your feewings by giving you neg wep );
  4. shhh I can be banned for DOUBLE ETERNITY
  5. i ain't never scared though a double-or-nothing rap battle would be fun.
  6. word to that. It's not that I dislike the chiefs, it's just that they don't interest me, at all, and their uniforms are ugly ):
  7. yeah Steve Slaton definitely deserved a spot!
  8. Jimmy_Page

    BCS Pick'em

    I like how it worked out, actually. I voted: florida texas usc cincy utah
  9. awesome, my cousin (alan faneca) got named to his sixth pro bowl. :3 -edit- also: the afc roster is pretty lacking... peyton manning and brett favre as your first 2 QBs? really? Neither have been putting up numbers this year that deserve pro bowl spots... I'd put at least roethlisberger and cassell above both of them, and I am not particularly fond of roflsburger or the pats.
  10. Have you heard Fleet Foxes? I know I keep recommending it to anyone who'll listen, but based on that list I think you'd like it!
  11. I was gonna high five this post and then I saw "extra" you rule, sir
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