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  1. I was wondering whether or not my switch into the classic plus is legit. I got your e-mail and replied, but haven't heard back. steve
  2. Aaron, This post is concerning my availability to attend the seven week program. Due to scheduling conflicts i will be unavailable for the third week of June (familiy reunion). I realize that the camp is quickly filling and my switching back and forth can be somewhat hectic. I will be available to attend either the classic plus or the classic though. I apologize for this inconvience and if you could email me back with the availability of each program, classic plus or classic. I would still love to attend a program at michigan this summer and your cooperation has been very helpful. Hope to hear from you soon. Steve
  3. hey aaron, this is steve. I was wondering if you recieved that e-mail from my mom and if the switch from the classic plus to the combo camp (WNDI and Classic) is legit.
  4. Does anyone know if The Essential Foucault by Foucault and Rabinow is worth reading/helpful material before you actually start Foucault? I've got The Foucault Reader by Rabinow and was wondering if, after The Reader, I should try and read The Essential Foucault or just move on to some of Foucault's books. Also, I'm planning on running this K next year (if i like the material). What books are most specific to the resolution and which ones should be read in order to understand the overall material?
  5. Sounds even lamer than normal metal. The only metal bands I can ever be proud to listen to are; Nightwish, Hammerfall, and fuckin' Journey!
  6. Yeah, the movie was sweet too.... "Hearts on fire" by Hammerfall "End of all Hope" by Nightwish
  7. Should I just send you an e-mail or something, I think my mom did and hopefully the mndi and classic aren't already full. Is there any extra paperwork that we'd have to do in order to get me switched into the mndi and classic combo 7?
  8. metal sucks, what is post-hardcore?
  9. As awesome as that song is, i think the final countdown outrocks it.....and even if it doesn't, nwa will blow a hole right through it it's so damn core. Straight outta' compton is one of the best. or fuck tha' police if you really wanna rock.
  10. Is there any specific song that pumps you up before a round? For me, the trick is to shotgun a rockstar or 2 redbulls. Then listen to "the final countdown" and some slayer. I'm unbeatable. Or if it's a super cool judge, chug key. As far as music goes... For all you metal kids, what the hell is post-hardcore? I hear people talking about it and just sounds stupid. Hardcore sucks, but what is post-hardcore? I don't think it can be any cooler....
  11. Ok great, i've been talking about it with my mom and the 7 week combo camp seems to be a better fit. Besides notify you that I would like to attend the mndi 3 week and the 4 week classic, is there anything else I need to do? I've already been accepted to the classic plus and we've sent in our early deposit, just give me a heads up and we can coordinate how to make this work. thanks, steve
  12. That's great, I'm definitely considering combining the mndi and classic into a seven week. Do the same discounts that i'm getting for early admission still apply to the combo camp(mndi and classic)? and What do you think? Should I do the classic plus or the combo camp? I'm really dedicated and willing to work, any kind of opinion helps. thanks, Steve
  13. performance is the best ever, we played nwa last we ran it. "express yourself" was awesome
  14. i'm doing michigan and then i was thinking about the 4th week at stanford, is anyone else going to do that one?
  15. allright that's fine, i'll be at the classic plus then. i think i've already been accepted for that one. if i decide to change my mind and switch to the mndi and the classic(7 week), do i have to pay an admission fee? or will my application just be switched over?
  16. would it be possible to do the mndi and the classic plus? because i'd be down
  17. izak-philosophy sounds pretty sweet there, i've still got another year of debate and hopefully i'll amount to something. i'll keep in touch with isu and maybe we'll debate on the same team........maybe
  18. izak, well you've made a good argument for considering isu, i am. i was wondering if you knew anything about their philosophy program there....
  19. i love how they have RC cola and not Dr. Pepper, who the hell drinks RC cola anyway? Dr. Pepper is bomb core and it's not even on the list?! But as far as drinks go, i'm all about the 10 minutes before the round starts Red Bull shotgun, then read the 1AC in about 2 minutes.
  20. omg, just stop, rolfmao, lol
  21. does anyone have any ideas about the dates?
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