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  1. this is for parli not cx so the abuse arguments are a little easier
  2. i am trying to create a non evicence theory on perm bad for the 2n any ideas?
  3. im cool with everyone but chris sorry no offense man just paradigm not what were looking for
  4. that sucks when i was approved already i am a legit judge with highschool and college experience i was originally picked that is freaking ridiuclous
  5. wait so i got dropped from judging???? WTF???!?!?!? i really wanted to judge???? i was picked as first three
  6. i will judge if wanted...i am a four year cx debater made octos at uil state and a college debator. my philosophy is if u run it i will vote it just give me warrants and impacts and clash across and we are cool...impact calculus in the rebuttals are important to me
  7. actr1


    i am a college parli debator and i am looking for some fun stuff to run this weekend problem is i leave tomorow...anyone please email me squirrel stuff i have some cx files but not a lot just ask i will give all i got! i would love penguins crunchy snacks send god crazy stuff like that jsuit to have fun and catch people off guard PLEASE cps and DAS that are crazy funny and can link to anything email me andrew@mbcpa.org im me werdna0418
  8. i judged finals here this is incorrect lake travis defeated bellaire 3-0
  9. you are officially my follower lol

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