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  1. NVM! this threat is now useless I will be judging as a hired judge at Lexington. Watch Out!
  2. Actually Jay I will be judging alot for you in January and February however, you guys dont need my services at lexington, lexington is a pimp tournament and I'm looking for an in plus a little spending money so there josh
  3. what does manchester pay? Varsity or novice c-x? contact me at my e-mail
  4. Does anyone need a judge for Lexington? contact me at gizzarjo@shu.edu
  5. zach IM me..i'd be happy to judge for you
  6. if the NFA Tournament were still around that'd have to be in everyones top 10! bids at quarters about 110 teams and same wkend as UMICH winning that tournament foreshadowed much success at TOC.
  7. i'll be there associated with one team or another..
  8. I'm going to Seton Hall next year anyway to get in the coalition?
  9. I heard their are a lot of teams in NYC which work together. First how can a new team align with them? Who's the head of this? And what schools are in it now?
  10. ok first of all, what the fuck is wrong with you!? what gives you any right to critcize a double-black diamond coach on this website! if you have any problems with michael you ought to take it up with him. Secondly you will be hard-pressed to find another coach more dedicated to the activity like he is for as long as he has been. I think its cowardly that debaters like you start threads like this which sashmouth other people yet you dont have the balls to come up to him and confront him on whatever your problem is. (excuse my language) oh yea colonel mustard-he's been in the activity longer than you've been alive!
  11. Where's Everyone going next year?
  12. too offensive and plus i love ian
  13. who's still alive? ricky?
  14. hey relax im ns they use cross-x but i will talk to demundo or katz and have them email the cites to all of you. -Josh
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