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  1. So, any word on a results packet?
  2. Part of the solution may be requiring more from schools in close proximity. While it is always difficult to find judges and then to house them - the policy schools within driving distance of wherever the tournament is held are at an advantage, cost-wise, to get judges to the tournament. I understand that host schools do have a greater burden for providing volunteers; however, perhaps there is a hightened need for policy debate judges that overrides some of the need for volunteers.
  3. cheese

    Bell 09

    I'll be there - with bells on!!!
  4. Sam Miller from Vermillion, SD was Alex's partner. They went 6-0 in prelims.
  5. Matt - when does the final start?
  6. cheese

    Iowa 09-10

    When is this tournament and what are the logistics? Thanks
  7. cheese

    Southern Quals

    Sorry Tyler - and Grace!! Congrats on a really nice tournament!
  8. Please fill me in on what they argued on inherency.
  9. how'd M West do at the Glenbrooks?
  10. Alright. That is enough. Personal attacks are not necessary. I did not feel it was necessary to defend myself 5 months ago, but I won't allow you to continue to personally attack people on this forum. Although I would enjoy adding my two cents on this subject - Brookings wasn't too terrible 8 years ago though I cannot comment on their abilities 10 years ago as I was a mere novice - this really should stop. As intelligent as you all can sound on a Friday or Saturday during the winter, you sure do allow yourselves to regress quickly. Good luck to those of you who have left already or are preparing to leave for college. I trust that your debate experiences will prepare you well for the challenges of college and beyond.
  11. cheese

    NFLs Results

    I am able to listen to the audio, but still no image - audio is better than nothing.
  12. cheese


    Isn't it topical because the team with the most TOC bids is running it???? It has to be topical if they are running it.
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