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  1. tdl is QUIET this year. if anyone needs a judge to go up to JMU, let me know: elizabeth.charboneau@student.manchester.ac.uk
  2. oliver, your twin is currently living in edinburgh airport. his hair is even exactly like yours. unless that is you. though i don't think you'd really care about northern ireland's world cup qualifier group as he seems to. by living, i dont mean he's homeless, i think. when is states?
  3. geeez its dead here. when are districts and reigonals?
  4. also on a related note, if anyone has a private jet or extreme ammounts of money (cox kids???) i will be willing to allow you to fly me over for any and all tdls. no problem.
  5. british people REALLY like obama.
  6. st.andrews. tis in scotland.
  7. does anyone around here want our old tub? it seems a shame for 8 years of debate history to sit around in an empty room. anyways, just let me know before thursday and i will deliver it
  8. Was the first parachute he used defective? If so, did someone sabotouge it? Was it just a mistake in manufacturing? Did one of the parachutes have a tracking device on it?
  9. Would one have killed him outright? if no, would it have only done half the job two did? did having two actually save his life? was it any type of medicine? would he have died had he not asked for any at all?
  10. i miss it too! theres debate at my college but pretty much, its congress
  11. well, they're invisaline and i'll only have them a year because i only have one messed up tooth. but when they said braces i actually thought of you...yep you're special! i'm stalking timon when i move, nothing more, nothing less. though when i think about it, my boyfriends got crazy hair kind of like timon! LC would call them chavs, not pikeys.
  12. i'm home for the holidays! and i must hear of these shoes! and he's from northern ireland..which means he's british. get it right, thats what lauren conrad would do!
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