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  1. Jeremy and I will be back for our Super-Senior year. Its gonna be a hellaciously good time. And we definantly weren't counted on that list.
  2. I must also commend Rapp on that night. Better though, was Marti's comment afterwards of..... " Is he alright?, he didnt look very good. And what smells in this hall?". That was the most entertaining five minutes of the trip. Thanks Phil
  3. smccall

    i hate you GW

    Gabe, no matter what I else I ever say about you, Thanks for appreciating my lame ass sense of humor.
  4. Yeah, a team from New York, one of the better kritical debaters I've hit, ran it with a whole bunch of Foucault. Most of it was a framework debate, but it was all madness and subjectivity of the government.. As far as plan text, they just overturned it in its entirity. It was a while ago, sorry that I can't be more specific, but thats the only team that I have seen run it.
  5. smccall

    i hate you GW

    Dont speak of what you don't know. This wasn't your everyday mundane "your mom" joke. This was a full fledged perm debate, the perm was do your mother then the plan. Its not that the joke wasn't good. Its that you just are too pessimistic and close minded to appreciate it. I think that even Gabe would back me up on that.
  6. smccall


    1. Best novice team from last year: As far as pure Novi, I have to give the nod to the Kat(y/ie)s. They did a phenominal job and are hellaciously good for being novi 2. Best neg team: Sahan and Daniel- yall and your K's are rediculous 3. Best aff team: Caleb, you and your sanitary napkins are the best aff i've hit. 4. Best team that runs kritiks: Freeman, you and your gift were excellent this year. The rest of the state should hope you didnt teach jesse and jordon all that shit...if ya did they're in trouble. But I also have to give a big nod to Sahan and Daniel's rendition of the GLOBE, its tough to call. 5. Best team at answering kritiks: Kelly and Lydia( when they were together, there wern't many that could win the framework against them.) 6. Best 1AR: Paul Connell, you nail that shit better than anyone else i've ever seen. You damn near beat hoochie, thats ballsy enough for me. 7. Best 1N: Again Will, you're just sexy. 8. Best 2N: Freeman( espiecially becasue you debated for 2) 9. Best 2A: Will, you and you're damn Artificial competitiveness. Those were some good rounds, the some of the best I had in state. 10. Best rising sophomore: Jesse and Jordon, good luck. But watch out for the Kat[y/ie]'s, they'll be right on your ass. 11. The most interesting person you have met in a round. Alex eppler, and my opening CX question about whether or not there was any plastic silverware for you to stab me with. I was worried and you just laughed becasue you forgot that night at camp. 12. The best team to have a round with: A TIE[ between Chey East and Denver East, they were all pretty good rounds] Sahan, you are a close 3rd. 13. Speediest: Will, god damn you. I'm close and you know it. 13. Easiest to understand: Caleb- you're my hero 14. Best at adaptation: Caleb, you're a stud and my hero 15. Most improved debater: I give this one to the whole GW squad, its truely impressive what yall have accomplished on your own.
  7. smccall

    i hate you GW

    always the party pooper. Have some fun every now and then. And maybe eat some cake while youre at it.
  8. smccall

    i hate you GW

    You would. Where is GW on this argument, -are you not stepping up cause your scared?, thats gotta be what it is.
  9. smccall

    i hate you GW

    I thought that the name of this thread was "I hate you GW". I thought there would at least be some slandering of character or something. So, I think that I will begin: Jordon: You're ugly. Not that I'm not of course, but you take the cake. Literally. You steal cakes and eat them. You will be burried in a piano box or if you keep going maybe a semi trailer. You should call Jenny Craig( that is only if you can find the phone in your fat rolls) and tell her that you need a little bit of help. Why that means I hate you I dont know, but I'm sure that there is some reason in the context of your lard-assness that could justify it. Try being comparitively advantageous to that............. Gabe: Where to begin with you..... you are not comparitively advantageous to either your partner or anybody else for that matter. Your sister isn't very good at all, you're mother is selfish and prude and completely not adventurous in bed. You my friend, just look like Spok from Star Trek. Dumbo wants his ears back. Your mother told(moaned) me so. The perm works and its comparitively advantageous to you. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. love scott
  10. smccall

    i hate you GW

    Well gabe, given the perm debate[perm: do your mom then the plan] and your mothers number that came out of it, I think that it is likely she would(that is if it runs in the family)
  11. That actually represents the only couple times that I have been on in the last week. I agree that last night i was almost as lame as most people who post on this site consistantly. Jordon, you should have that information that you needed. As far as this thread being lame, it probably is. Anything that centers on me inevitably is. Espiecially when nothing is mentioned of john wayne or my love of varney, because those are topics that are never lame. It should also be noted that I'm still in the single digit posts, that really means you can't say i'm here or post often. I'm in california at the moment which is why i had time to read, plus i was really bored. I hope that info gets yall to the 10 teams you need.
  12. smccall

    Kstate v.s. KU

    Here is the bottom line on JDI, I thought that it was the best camp that I went to in high school. UNT wasnt worth the time or money that it took to go there. It was the antithesis of the camp experiance you would want. Despite that being completely external to the discussion, if you are a CP debater, go to WFI, if you want to learn good critical argumentation, go to JDI. That is the argumentation difference and the reason to decide one or the other. The cost is equal so it comes down to what you want to get better at. I had plenty of rounds at JDI, so dont let that change or influence your decision.
  13. Sandy, now that the we have qualed, Jeremy and I are for sure in on the consortium. My e-mail is smccall@mho.com. Please send me whatever information I need to know and the assignment list whenever you get a chance. Thanks again for putting this together.
  14. If Jeremy and I qual, we're in. If somebody will let me know about the round robin, i'll be in for that too. The consortium helped a lot at nats my sophmore year and i'm a big fan of making it as successful as i can.
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