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  1. HOA: Truman A Truman B Oak park A Show me: Pem Hill A Pem Hill B Blue Springs A
  2. knock knock. Who's there? Not Heath Ledger... that motherfuckers dead. I'm with Sohail on this one.
  3. The more amazing story behind this entire tournament is that Pembroke actually made it home. As for the kids, they did a damn good job up there showing some of the top teams in the nation what MO is made of. There has been a lot of talk at local tournaments of kids belittling Pembroke making accusations of Miller cutting much of their files. For those individuals I have a message for you: You all could not be farther from the truth. The kids from Pembroke are quickly becoming hosses beccause they are not afraid to do the work. When compared to other teams, I have never seen a debate team in Missouri that worked together the way Pembroke does. They get assignments done, they cut cards, and they do everything in their power to become better debaters. I think that was easily showcased last weekend at Harvard when two out of the three teams in the last prelim were debating on the bubble and the other team was just debating for seed. Oh, and in that round the Pembroke kids were in their rooms prepping and warming up before ANY OTHER TEAM AT HARVARD. These kids are working their asses off and bringing home the trophies to prove it. I was immensely proud to say that weekend that I was there with Pembroke, and urge everyone in the community to recognize what Douglas Miller and all of the kids at Pembroke are doing because they are doing it right. Congratulations to all of the Pembroke policy kids for a damn impressive showing at Harvard. It was an honor to accompany you.
  4. Lou Dogg is a great lab leader. I had him twice at UMKCSDI and am glad I did. As far the "arthur bryant's ftw"... you sir are wrong. Don't bastardize bbq with this rubbish. I'm sure if any of you have Louie as a lab leader he will explain to you why Gate's is the best bbq in the world.
  5. In summation, Kearney wins, Zain still sucks, and for the first time in history I think Corey Lande is right.
  6. cut Dillon and George.
  7. From what I remember... Mike Selk/ Lauren ? groves kid/BV kid brandi berner/ Jazz beth?/ ?? Not very helpful, but I got a few. EDIT: Pembroke kid.... get the fuck over it. It was a camp tourney. And if the kid from groves won because he read theory from west coast then you have bigger problems than your opponent at a camp tournament "cheating".
  8. yo groves kid. Don't get too cocky considering zach and nathan from PHSHS came DAMN CLOSE to beating you. Just because people in Missouri are usually slower doesn't mean you're automatically better. Hopefully you learned that already though.
  9. I read the first half of Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel in highschool but it really was all history based. From what I read I don't think this book would be worthwhile read. In my opinion.
  10. JCampfield

    UMKC Debate Camp

    I understand the power of that which is John Beatty, but Heather Walters owns all. Including John. Shit... I think she could take John, Rachel, and Godzilla on all at the same time. Seriously though, I went to UMKC twice and the camp is amazing. You will be introduced to a lot of different styles of debate there, get plenty of practice rounds, stay in AMAZING dorms, and the camp is in the heart of KC. You can walk to the plaza if you want to during lunch. (although I suggest staying on campus after dark).
  11. Damn, I had my money on Dudley winning again. On a serious note though... good job Spencer. You definately seemed to take more time on this even and try harder than anyone else on the circuit. You deserved the win.
  12. Damn good showing. Congrats all around to Kevin, Adam, Kyle, Katie, Todd, Ben and Brian. GO DAWGS!!!
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