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    Junior, first year debater, looking into it. But needs to learn a lot. Help greatly appreciated.
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  1. 1. it doesn't go through council 2. we as the us can threaten to accept exports from china. as we are a huge part of their economy. same goes for russia.
  2. the thing is, you can easily destroy PDD 25 with a too limited ground. and already been done to death T. too easily killed.
  3. spread. that's all. just spread. and make sure you know the cases, especially all of your team's k's and CPs. that'll really help. and never say that your a novice. bad idea. really.
  4. i just noticed your avatar, awesome_asian07! man, that's a classic movie right there! classic. penguin turning into a chicken. and the wrong pair of pants. brilliant.
  5. whenever i've got absolutely no idea about what to ask in a cx, i just ask them general questions. but the maine point is to try and disprove them. make them regret their own words.
  6. I remember once that me and my partner were at a round, and she was like, we should perm this. I had no idea what she was talking about and she kept on prompting me...going PERM IT PERM IT. perming is just making the two plans into one, put the simplest way.
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