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  1. Well that was clear. So how do I access the files I have purchased?
  2. under my profile -> files, i see a message which says "this member doesn't have any files yet". i have purchased many files in the past and i haven't been successful in contacting the system admin. suggestions?
  3. haha i don't know about that what happened to this website?
  4. Is there a place where all the files I've purchased are located?
  5. could somebody shoot this over my way? email is miamismostwanted@gmail.com
  6. anybody have? upload or email me miamismostwanted@gmail.com
  7. anyone have it? upload or email me miamismostwanted@gmail.com
  8. which camp put out the martin militarism kritik this year? and if you would be so kind, could you post or email it to me? @ miamismostwanted@gmail.com thanks
  9. unless these are the four camp files, could someone post these files online? sendspace, mediafire or the like...
  10. bump i remember this file nebulously floating around somewhere, just can't remember where. if you have or CAN REFERENCE A POST WHICH DOES have this camp, please post here :-)
  11. Thanks Mr. Hutt! on a completely unrelated note, these files are incomplete. specifically all of the labs I was in. if you don't have it, please don't post in this thread
  12. i need the full camp file. the one with marine coastal bioregions and the sonar aff with 4 cards (one was a giant cuomo card and another was a sontag i think) lots to trade if you don't want to just post them miamismostwanted@gmail.com
  13. does anyone have? miamismostwanted@gmail.com
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