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  1. Does anyone know the cite to the card that says fear of nuke war o/w a real one? It doesn't have to be by Baudrillard, it can be by any author, as long as it makes the arg.
  2. We run the following arguments: Foucault the gift chaloupka nuclearism kellplar kaps speciecism (which we got from you) Kato wipeout consult russia consult japan consult bangladesh consult china consult NATO russia nuclear disarmament disad nato NPT disad NMD hyperreality representations K of acronyms Burning Gender Normativity Butler's kritik of inter-masculine language And several language Kritiks Anarchy capitalism socialism ethics of hospitlaity empire empire strikes back Roy Owen's Kritik of intellectuals lacan agamben we run about 8-14 off. 6 of which are T violations that usually don't apply but we go for anyways in the 2nr Sometimes we go 1 off on a kritik, but rarely. and it's not "hidden statism" it's lacan, agamben, and martin mixed together with a stateless power alternative and ignorance
  3. Hey, can I please have a list of lakeland's plan text's/ advantages, or atleast whichever ones they're going to run at Newwark.
  4. Could Bronx Science be allowed to send 2 novice teams?
  5. LOL AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Mr.bacon = funniest man in the debate community...actually...he's the only fnny man in the debate community
  6. If somebody lost 5 20's wrapped in a rubber band plz notify me. I found the rubber band
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