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  1. i don't have access to a significant amount of camp evidence ( in reality nothing that is not on the NDCA site or a backfile from when i debated ) but i was wondering if anyone had small pics to withdrawal cases like leave xyz troops. i can think demining or THAAD controllers as possibilities but i have not seen these files in what i have. does anyone have these pics or know of a camp that produced them? please post or email me at wdwvt [at] gmail dot com. thanks
  2. the CU parli team has been smashing records all year. we are the first student run program to qualify 3 teams to the npte. rachelle and nathan took 4th at the NPTE, than and i took 11th. at the NPDA -- the worlds largest debate tournament (sadly not its best) -- nathan and rachelle placed in the top 32 and than and i in the top 8. we have similar amounts of funding to the previous years, and have a cadre of good friends to help us since we dont really have a coach. benefits to competing include zero recognition from CU and dope trips with great people like scott weaver, michelen massy, anthony putnicki, zack lampitock. have any questions just email me at zetazeroes AT gmail DOT com will
  3. haha i bet -- how did you all do? also, you should get online so we dont have to spam cross-x with our nostalgia.
  4. this forum has devolved into such debauchery. i am sooo displeased. also, hottest debater ever -- steve larue. a close second -- jill from le vita, the blond one referred to above.
  5. okay, i promised to never post on this site again after i lost my final high school debate round, but running the consortium seems impossible without actually posting, so here i am. the CU debate team will be running the consortium this year, much like Wyo has run it in years previous. Essentially the consortium allows teams from colorado and wyoming to compete with some of the national circuit teams which may be better prepped or better coached. the CU debaters will be producing files and arguments as well as reviewing argument submissions by teams around the region. To get access to the files the CU team will be producing (as well as other teams arguments) you will need to cut a file and submit it. We will have a gmail account for this, and possibly a dedicated server. This really helped me(William Van Treuren from Denver East) in the past, and was one of the reasons we did well at nationals. If you want to participate please email me at zetazeroes@gmail.com or IM me at crusad8373. The more people we get to participate the better the quality and quantity of the files we will have. Please join and encourage fellow teams to do so. Will
  6. i told them gabe was gonna be there, we had like 30 girls jump at the opportunity to come. but actually yeah i will make a couple more go
  7. Mike -- did we debate you the last round at stanford with JR in back? as for our adv's -- its torture and iraq
  8. if you would jjoin the colorado disclosure list you could get our case in its entirety lol.
  9. jacob zax -- 6th -- denver east
  10. alex eppler claiming(not without warrant) he stole stuff to prove that we were sincere when we ran the cap bad versus rapp freshmen year. that shit was gross lol.
  11. hey all, i think this thread is pretty screwed and engendering a lot of negative sentiment between really good friendly debaters. rapp thanks a lot for the nod but i feel that we are not even close to the best team of the last 5 years. i can think of three teams in particular which i think will always be/were better -- Ponderosa NR, GW BS, Luke and Nathan. one of the things i like about the debate scene in CO right now is that a lot of the teams are pretty close with each other, and i would hate to see that ruined by some infantile squabbling over who is a better team. i think that people worried about not being on the list, not high enough, etc, should check themselves and realize it doesnt mean shit. those on it should also realize it doesnt mean shit, but collectively we should all get ready to kick some ass at nats. will
  12. unpredictable pics are some of the most fun to debate. forces you to actually leverage your case, and analyticals are hellaciously powerful. addtionally you have the same advantage -- 2 ac adds are unpredictable and you can find wierd ass links to your aff. in the case of the aforementioned pic, i think thats where you should go for textual comp lol.
  13. thanks so much to everyone who we hit. some excellent debates, especially our last two. both of those could have gone either way, and it was a pleasure debating with you gabe, jordan, greg and alex, and in prelims, jake and paul, jilli and toni, and both rocky mountain teams. the judging was also good, especially considering what it could have been like. debate has been one of the best experiences of my life. this is bittersweet in a way because it marks my (possibly) penultimate tournament, and thanks everyone for making it so much fun. will
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