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  1. That doesn't solve my problem. People will still sign with my name and then people still get pissed and send that account hate messages which makes it worse because then I don't see them.
  2. how do i delete my cross-x account? im tired of people signing rep with my name because its annoying me that people are continually angry at me. -m
  3. Plan Flaw- funding+FG Xtra T-demand intl actor CP politics compassion fatigue patriarchy D: -inevitable -no impact etc go for a procedural.
  4. thedowned

    Plan Flaw

    Which is clearly the best argument in debate.
  5. That probably makes sense...I judged him and he DID run plan flaw AND go for it.
  6. I'm still not even sure who let_nietzsche_teach_ya is...?
  7. Why don't you just look at lexis or google, strike coming/not coming is all over the place and internal links are pretty easy to find but... Iran strikes are just good.
  8. thedowned

    Plan Flaw

    No. Just...no. Let's do these one by one... That doesn't solve our offense, if text is representation that justifies shifting advocacies, plan text is the only written stable advocacy in the debate and if your interp is true then we can change what plan means after giving it to you pre-round. And, that's some shitty answer to T doesn't apply to plan flaw. Ground is moronic? Are you fucking joking? That justifies running the same shitty generic K EVERY debate because its the only way to capture offense is their discourse. Yeah, I can still SEE it, but you can reinterpret it or spike out of counterplans which ruins counterplan ground I should be able to write a coherent counterplan, you're not answering my reciprocity argument. Even if the brain reads something it doesn't mean the brain is right, for example, the constitution which is supposed to be EXACTLY correct has loose interpretations that COMPLETELY change it...and we can only ask questions about advantages after the 1ac (in high school) because most high school teams don't disclose advs. doesn't solve ANY offense, all of our offense is predicated on plan being a stable written advocacy that is written correctly, spoken plan means you can change what you said and we can't stick you to it. No impact to solvency advocate? How about you can make a utopian plan text that solves for everything and not have someone to back it up? And, on top of that, solvency advocate is key to PIC ground because we should be able to counterplan out of something solvency advocate says. What's infinitely regressive? Certainly not havin your plan text. Speed proves what? Nothing. PICs good. and, yeah Ks aren't discussed in congress, but you justify us running them every round. And, debate is about the effects of the plan that DOESN'T get passed if it isn't coherent. Congress rejects incoherent bills all the time...
  9. thedowned

    Plan Flaw

    All answered above.
  10. thedowned

    Plan Flaw

    1. Not reasonable- plan text writing is sacred: a. key to counterplan writing: The plan text has to be written perfectly so that the neg has counterplan ground and there should be reciprocity hold the counterplan to the same standard b. key to pre-round prep: Miswritten plan text means we can't create a strategy before the debate, pre-round prep is the internal link to clash and education c. No solvency Advocate- Solvency advocate doesn't match the plan which is uniquely bad because it means the aff isn't researchable and we can't meet our burden of rejoinder. d. IS real world- Plan text is a stable advocacy meaning it would be the FINAL version of plan, only thing that doesnt mutate in the debate. And if your text wasn't immediate that severs out of the immediacy of the plan which allows you to spike out of disads 2. Non-responsive: a. You don't get the argument- our argument is that plan gets rolled back because agent doesn't enact it (if its USFG) OR plan happens and you have no solvency advocate (incorrect grammar or vagueness) 3. Cross-x doesnt check a. You wasted the first 9 (8) minutes of the 1nc making it all a moot point, that kills education and neg ground b. You shouldn't be able to make clarifications or amendments to the plan because that makes you a moving target.
  11. Bush used his 4th veto ever to reject child health care (too expensive). Gotta love it.
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