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  1. turgon556


    i was going to judge, but due to a death in the family, i will not be there
  2. turgon556


    i'll be judging, hopefully it's an improvement in quality over last year
  3. East Side-In order Top half: 1. Jenks: Loveless/Xu 2. Jenks: Kelkar/Sharma 3. Charles Page: Dudek/Eicher 4. Union: Crowe/Warrington Bottom half: Jenks: Joshi/Masterson Jenks: Hays/Patel Owasso: Leonard/Roberts Owasso: Unruh/Worrell
  4. yeah neal, to bad that they LOST to me last year when i had a novice partner, and if i remember that round right, they probably were sleeping since they went for a shitty A-Spec arg. And to respond to Chase i'm not "hatin' just stating an opinion based on observation.
  5. yeah, not such a good partnership, my judgement is based on events of last year though
  6. i am most likely judging both days, BA may be sending one team?
  7. 16.Ancient astronomer who believed the sun rotated around the earth and wrote the Almaglest. A)Ptolemy 17.The apparent shift in position of a heavenly body when viewed from two different positions in Earth’s orbit. A)Parallax This great American poet wrote “Hiawatha”. A)Henry Wadsworth Longfellow;)
  8. Actaully i believe he is saying that some of the teams will qualify at TU (this weekend) and thus be in champs for Norman.
  9. yeah trees are down all over BA and Tulsa and a lot of people have no power, but other than that it is all good.
  10. wow, i must have not typed that post correctly, i do not do pf debate, look at my sig, that should tell you why
  11. perhaps the worst one of all, and for a def. of PF debate read my sig. courtesy of of tshuman
  12. turgon556

    Broken Arrow

    It's this weekend Nov. 30-Dec. 1; who will be there?
  13. turgon556

    Bishop Kelley

    i may be there to judge
  14. turgon556

    Mod Elections

    you always have my vote Cory
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