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  1. Hello, My name is david bowman. i'll most likely be working with students at CHS in the coming season, or soon. I'm trying to do some volunteering for HS Debate. Anyone representing? -dlb
  2. What were the records of th 2 blacksburg teams and St. Johns (DD) and St. Johns (FW)
  3. U.S. v. Morrison, 529 U.S. 598 is fantastic.
  4. He is saying they suck because its hard to navigate. I spent all last year using one of them, and it was one of the most difficult things ever. I did not have a fragile one, it was just a piece of shit. IF you want to spend $50 on a tub that can do hanging files where the tub and Folders are strong then go ahead, but I doubt you will find one. Get a rubbermade Tub and some 3tab folders / expandos and you will be all set!
  5. Will trade for Iran AFF. One with 2 Advantages. 1. Iran Strike 2. Iran Relations Its Ft. Lauderdales AFF I would love this. I'll trade anything. I have like 5 gigs of files and will trade hugely for it.
  6. I'm lacking a good aff going into my next tournament. I'll be trading for some good ones. AFFs I'm interested in are ------------------------------------------------ Observation 1: Inherency The DOD currently conducts secret intelligence missions inside Iraq Seymour Hersh, staff writer for the New Yorker, 1-31-05, The New Yorker [“What the Pentagon can now do in secret,” Kyle] Plan: Thus the plan: THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS SHOULD DECREASE THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSES’S AUTHORITY TO SEARCH WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE BY ELIMINATING HUMAN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE OPERATIONS IN IRAN. Observation 2: Iran strike 1.) The war with Iran will come by the end of the Bush administration-Rumsfeld has already decided that an attack on Iran is necessary to promote American democracy in the Middle East and enlarged the operations of the Pentagon at the expense of the CIA. Seymour Hersh, staff writer for the New Yorker, 1-31-05, The New Yorker [“What the Pentagon can now do in secret,” Kyle] 2.) Rumsfeld’s Intelligence operations will produce miscalculations by Iranian Government-Even the Military is worried about it Barbara Starr, spokeswoman for the Pentagon, 2-15-05 [http://Http://web.lexis-nexis.com/universe/document?_m=d6c40d9dfdd0437229e5c139e86649ce&_docnum=1&wchp=dGLbVlb-zSkVb&md5=0376fled560433d3af25821baa9a921a] 3.) Iran miscalc leads to a first strike on Iran which draws in Russia and Pakistan creating a Nuclear Nightmare Gaffney, 2003 (Mark; Researcher, Writer, Anti-nuclear activist) “Will Iran be next?” Alternatives: Turkish Journal of International affairs Summer Vol. 2 #2 http://www.alternativesjournal.net/volume2/number2/gaffney.pdf 4.) A US Strike on Iran will cause Middle East War- Iran will lash out against other Middle East Countries Rachel Neuwirth, Author for Michigan News, 4-25-05 [http://www.michnews.com/artman/publish/article_7978.shtml] 5.) Middle East war draws in Israel and leads to Global Conflagration Steinbach, 2002. [http://wagingpeace.org/articles/0203/0331steinbachisraeli.htm] 6.) Iran strike will accelerate Iranian Proliferation Ivan Eland, Senior Fellow and director of the Center on Peace and Liberty at the Independent Institute in Oakland, January 26, 05 [CA should Iran be the next targert? www.dissidentvoice.org] 7.) Iran will set a precedent ensuring world proliferation Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Duma Committee on International affairs, 3/12/05, UP. P. Lexis [Mizerak] 8.) Proliferation leads to Extinction Christopher Westdal, Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament, 3-20-2000, [http://www.dfait-naecu.gc.ca/arms/Strangelove-en.asp] 9.) The constant militaristic domination imposed on the Iranians by the US creates a life worse than death in which certain scenarios for extinction become scenarios for freedom Mbembe, 2003 [Achille, senior researcher at the Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of the Witwatersrand, Public Culture 15.1 p.11-40 Project Muse] Observation 3: Relations Plan is a concession to Iran that Changes Iran’s Perspective Paul Taylor, “Iran election may open way for US Approch,” http://www.iranexpert.com/2004/elections25february.htm Iran- US relations create peace in the Middle East Gary Sick, Former National Security Council Staff member, 1/26/98, “Time To Talk?” http://www.pbs.org/newshour/forum/january98/iran3.html 1.) Increased relations lead to controlled nuclear policy, solving proliferation Hooshang Amirahmadi, 3-2-04, “The Iranian Parliamentary Elections and US-Iran Relations” http://www.payvand.com/news/04/apr/1188.html 2.) Iran Prolif triggers a chain reaction throughout the Middle East, causing Nuclear War Joseph Cirinione, Senior Associate and Director for Non-proliferation, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, “Proliferation Threats and Solutions,” Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics and Public Policy v. 19, 2005, p. 341 Observation 4: Solvency Even Republicans will only approve war if the US has Intel of Nuclear Weapons-The plan ensures they don’t receive Intel Seymour Hersh, staff writer for the New Yorker, 1-31-05, The New Yorker [“What the Pentagon can now do in secret,” Kyle] 1.) Even if the CIA reports Nuclear Weapons, no one will believe them-It’s empirically proves they have no credibility with congress LA times, 2/7/05, (“Senators Examining Quality of CIA intelligence on Iran” Greg Miller and Bob Drogin, http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/print.php?id=1334) 2.) Congressional oversight is effective at controlling intelligence agencies-Even if the executive tries to circumvent Congress can stall the operations Funding. GPO; February 23, 1996; (US Gov’t Printing Office) 3.) Congressional oversight is key to prevent a vast number of Future Wars being Planned by Rumsfeld F. William Engdahl, author of “A century of War: Anglo-American Oil politics and the New World Order. 2/12/2005, http://druckversion.studient-vonzeitfragen.net/Behind%20war%20on%20Tyranny%20I.html --------------------------------------------------------------- Another I'm looking for is ---------------------------------------------------------------- OBSERVATION ONE – SQ DOE ADMIN OF POLYGRAPH CONSTITUTE A SEARCH WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE VIA SCREENING DELAMETER 99 HTTP://WWW.SPSE.ORG PLUS – POLYGRAPH DOWNSIZING DOESN’T GO FAR ENOUGH – IT SHOULD ONLY BE DONE AS PART OF AN ONGIONG INVESTIGATION FOR A SPECIFIC CRIME – THIS SOLVES ALNUQERGUE JOURNAL 03 “DOE POLYGRAPH SHIFT DOESN’T GO FAR ENOUGH” PLAN – THE USFG SHOULD, THROUGH CONGRESS, ELIMINATE THE ADMIN OF POLYGRAPH TESTING WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE IN THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY. WE’LL CLARIFY. ADVANTAGE 1 DETERRENCE RELIANCE ON POLYGRAPHS HAD CRUSHED EMPLOYEE MORALE TO THE POINT THAT THE US IS ON THE BRINK OF NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT AFTERGOOD 00 “POLYGRAPH TESTING AND THE DOE NATIONAL LABORATORIES” THIS INSURES FALSE NEGATIVES, FALSE POSITIVES, AND A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY THAT ENDANGERS THE ENTIRE DOE AND THE JOB THAT THEY DO. COUNTER INTELLIGENCE EFFORTS PUT AT RISK MOORE ’03 “THE POLYGRAPH AND LIE DETECTION” CONFIDENCE THROUGH DOE PERSONNEL IS THE LYNCHPIN OF OUR NUCLEAR DETERRENCE – BOTH PERCIEVED AND ACTUAL BROWNE 99 http://HTTP://WWW.ARMED –SERVICES.SENATE.GOV/STATEMNT/1999/991007JB.PDF OUR WEAPONS ARE DETERIORATING – THREATS ARISING – SKILLED PERSONAL ARE KEY TO THEIR CREDIBILITY AND RELIABILITY – EVEN IN A WORLD OF TESTING. JOSEPH & LEHMAN 98 HTTP://NDU.EDU/WMDCENTER/NUCPOLICY.HTML FINALLY – NUC DETERENCE IS NOT SOMETHING WE LIKE ITS INEVITABLE AND WE MUST MANAGE IT TO PREVENT NUCLEAR WAR CHEMICAL WAR AND BIOLOGICAL WAR AND PREVENT CONFLICT ESCALATION GLOBALLY. ANY ALTERNATIVE IS A PIPEDREAM ROBINSON 01 HTTP://WWW.MINDFULLY.ORG/NUC/NUCLEAR.WEAPONS-POLICY-21STC.HTM POLYGRAPHS HAVE DESTROYED COUNTER – INTELLIGENCE EFFORTS FOR MULTIPLE REASONS – POSSIBLE INTERNAL DOE REFORM EXACERBATES THE PROBLEM BY SUSTAINING THE DISTRUST. GOSS 00 (“EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: IMPROVING COUNTERINTELLIGENCE. REPORT OF THE REDMAN PANEL) STREAMLINING THE MANAGEMENT OF THE DOE AND SOLVING BUREAUCACY PROBLEMS THROUGH TOP-DOWN CONTROL IS VITAL TO COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE- FAILURE PUTS THE US AT RISK OF A NUCLEAR ATTACK FROM TERRORISTS VANCLEAVE 04 (WITNESS TESTIMONY : A HEARING TO REVIEW PROPOSALS TO CONSERVE THE OFFICES OF COUNTER INTELLIGENCE AT NWSA AND DOE) THIS INTELLIGENCE IS VITAL TO RESPONDING TO AND PREVENTING NUCLEAR TERRORISM EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT ISSUES 05 THE RESULTING WORLD PRETTY MUCH SUCKS BENES 87 (LOUIS RENE. TERRORISM AND GLOBAL SECURITY: THE NUCLEAR THREAT PG 42-43) FRAMEWORK THE JUDGE SHOULD WEIGH PLAN TO COMPETITIVE POLICY OPITON AS IF THEY WERE ENACTED BY GOVERNMENT VIA FIAT. FAIRNESS A. INFINITE NUMBER OF RAMEWORKS ALLOWING NEGATIVE TO CHOOSE IT IS BAD B. FIAT KEY TO FAIR DIVISION OF GROUND, ONLY WAY TO PREESTABLISH WHAT THE AFF DEFENDS C. SAYING FIAT DOESN’T EXIST IS A NON SEQUITOR EDUCATION A. POLICY DEBATERS BECOME POLICYMAKERS, SIMULATING GOVERNMENT IS A CHECK TO GOVERNMENT VIOLENCE VAWLS 99 (JOHN LAW OF PEROPLES P 54-57) B. IMAGINING IS THE EPITOME OF SWITCH SIDE DEBATING KEY TO CRITIQUEING OUR OWN ASSUMPTIONS MUIR 93 (PHILOSOPHY AND RHETORIC V 26 N 4) THIS INTERNAL LINK TURNS ALL OF THEIR ARGUMENTS BECAUSE WE JUST DEBATE THESE ISSUES NOT NECESSARILY BELIEVE THEM ALLOWING US A SAFE SPACE TO EXPLORE WITH DIFFERENT IDEAS MUIR 93 C. FRAMEWORK IS KEY TO GOOD ACTIVISM POLICY SIMULATION ALSO HAS PERFORMATIVE BENEFITS FOR CHALLENGING EXPERT GOVERNMENT KULYNYCH 97 (“PERFORMING POLITICS: FOUCAULT, HADEMES, AND POSTMODERN PARTICIPATION”) D. OUR FRAMEWORK MUST BE ANSWERED IN THE 1NC – ALLOWING THE NEG TO ANSWER IT IN THE BLOCK SKEWS 2ACWHICH IS LAST CHANCE FOR OFFENCE AND 2AC WHICH IS LAST CHANCE FOR OFFENCE AND SANDBAGS THE 1AR SO I HAVE TO DROP STUFF. ----------------------------- THE SECOND one would be best. Other Ideas i will taken. AIM ME AT "osniperwolfo" I'll talk then. I have almost everything to trade.
  7. Hitler was an ass but he almost conquered europe.
  8. Are you serious. Disclosure is a virus that has affected the Debate Community. When a team discloses against one of my novice teams I will set them up with a strat that will win no matter what.
  9. -niperwolf

    Big Lex

    Its a different team then the one that hit Otter Valley at Manchester. But on Lexington: Best of luck to everyone.
  10. -niperwolf

    Big Lex

    if they leave they forfit. Thats 3-0 decision.
  11. -niperwolf

    Big Lex

    Haha this topic is not on-topic. Josh is an ammazing Mod. You don't know what he does well because he protects you from it. Let it be Lex will be fun See how Onfacetopical that was St. Johns sending 5noivce teams and me
  12. -niperwolf


    St. Johns won finals in a 3-0 decision. at novice. For the record. Some dumb judge voted me down 3rd round. Something about a bias so something crazy. Or possibly the dumb decision of ignorign a w/m..
  13. -niperwolf


    Saint Johns is sending 5 Novice teams: Tom Quinn / Jeff Gianattasio Zac Ryan / Rahul Modi Ben Remillard / Dan Mcllloway Ben Duong / Chris Leonard Sean Frey / Conner Walsh 1 JV / V team Anthony Mariano / Myself
  14. Hehe St. John's sweeped the Novice Level 2 teams went 4-0 2 teams went 3-1 all getting states Qs Varsity 1 team got 2nd.
  15. I'm not too sure. Either way they are first tourney novi. What they ran isn't very important. A lot of novi CPs going down though :-/ Overall seems like a good time. BCS aff was run i know that. I'll get all the info and flows on monday and i'll tell you if you need it. AIM or EMAIL me. Tkx.
  16. Uhh i know Some vermont team was at the finals with my school. Zach Ryan and Raul Modi from my school. Raul got 3rd speeker Zach got 9th cus hes a punk.
  17. Hello, I am David Bowman a Senior at St. John's High School. We are currently sending 4 novice teams to Manchester, and I have a question for anyone in manchester. Is there anyway someone can house me. I feel somewhat pathetic to do this, but the tourney won't let a nondebater be housed, and I would love to go. I don't eat anything and i'm a skiney 18yr old. If you could do this it would seriously help me out. Thanks in advanced David Bowman How To Contact! AIM : osniperwolfo CELL: 508.340.1188 Yay and thankx.
  18. please send an invite to xDavidBowmanx@yahoo.com So saint john's can go Bowman / Freije
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