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  1. Hey Hey, My name is Kyle Vint and am looking to get hired to judge at the TOC. I am a sophomore at the University of Iowa and debated for Cedar Rapids Washington in high school. If you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact me at kyle.vint@gmail.com. Thanks
  2. CRWash RS keepin up the tradition, way to go boys.
  3. WashDebate06


    Mr Baldwin is right, politics disads suck like woah. Anyone who runs them should lose on face, and should be excluded from debate.
  4. WashDebate06


    Politics d/a's are the most worthless argument in debate, any team that runs them deserves to be voted down on face. I would never run such a shitty argument.
  5. This thread is dumb. Who the hell cares.
  6. I would like to echo the congrats for Denver East. You all were really awesome and it was cool to hit someone we didnt know so deep in outrounds.
  7. Okay, that would make sense. Please get some.
  8. why did you even start this?
  9. Congrats to Valley for landing what appears to be a great coach. Welcome to Iowa debate Ms. Waldo, it will be a pleasure getting to know you. Kyle
  10. I would, but do you want a hypotester(Matthew Jarvey)?
  11. Jarvey is going to Washington University in St. Louis, they dont have debate.
  12. Iowa also has Travis Henderson from WDM Valley and maybe Kiran from Celebration altough I havent heard anything certain about her decision.
  13. Dear Wayzata Males- Your hott
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