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  1. Since i will be back in state for State i figured i would write down my complete paradigm. T: I hate T, I spent many an hours senior trying to kill T. HOWEVER, I understand that it is a great argument, and the fact that i hate it does not mean i will not vote on it, my threshold for T is about the same for me as theory. Which means that if you are going for T, it better be T and the T related args in the 2NR K: I like K's, they are fun! I have read a LOT of debate related philosophical lit, and a fair amount on this topic, that being said if u really know a K dont assume that i know it as well as you do, because u should know more about ur K than me. Dont try and BS me its just annoying, and dont run a K when u dont know what it says . K's need to have an alt, i dont care if it is a dance, poem, card, or breaking a two by four, just ensure that i know it is an alt and how it functions. CP: fine, consult, PIC, agent, they are all cool with me. Just make sure that they are a better option than the plan, I may be swayed that topical CP's are not legit. DA: fine, just ensure that it really does outweigh in the framework that the debate is functioning in. Case: defense is good, Offense is best, u wont win my ballot with just defensive args. Speed: Slower on tags/author, if u have to pick one to be slower on go for author, i keep a good flow i am sure that i can keep up with u on a comp, if i dont have it well, a little slower overall. Aaron says it very well "I prefer a quick debate to a slow one, but I also prefer an in depth slower debate to a blipy fast debate between teams trying to use speed for the sake of using speed. Feel free to read a bunch of off-case positions in front of me, but you should probably start condensing in the block, and even more in the 2nr. Also, speed without any clarity will hurt you. If I'm part of a panel, I won't penalize you for adapting to a slower/faster judge." Theory: i am ok with it, i will vote for it, any of it, that includes unconditionally is bad, it might be hard for you too win on that but i will vote for it if i think u won, address their arguments, and impact it out. also make sure that u go for Theory, much like T stupid stuff: go for it. this was really quick if i notice that i forgot something i will edit this
  2. So i assume that this prohibits us judges from flowing on the computer
  3. anyone watching awards tell me if my brother qualified in extemp, international i think edit just saw who qualed, congrats to all
  4. hey, i wanted to know if some of the zizek people out there could direct me to some of the aff answers to this argument ( the argument being we should adhere to the letter of the law), journal articles or books would be great, but if u have time also what the general strategy that people tend to answer this argument. Thanks
  5. "Z"

    Central meet

    what are the dates for this and are any Colorado teams going
  6. "Z"

    Cheyenne East

    i know that he gave the 1nc/r as for aff i dont know
  7. "Z"

    Cheyenne East

    actually i am curious to know the finals results for LD, if anyone might have them
  8. "Z"

    Cheyenne East

    yea that is true, they both picked up on K's Patrick and partner on security and the other team i think picked up on Cap, but i did not judge that round so i dont know. i do know that GW novices Won novice finals
  9. "Z"

    Cheyenne East

    yeah judging info would be great, also if someone can remind me the dates and times for this.
  10. prison reform got kicked for elections, so upsetting, oh well immigration is still in!
  11. yes and I and many other people use that daily for reading and research, however the scope of its lit is mostly philosophical critical based literature which is not what I was aiming for this thread to be. There needs to be a place where people can come and look solely for very policy orientated articles and books, in fact if you look at the Index there is only one result if you look for hegemony and it is Noam Chomsky book Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance. That itself speaks for the need for this specific thread, Granted the Index has not been updated recently so i may still be missing a few, but still there is a profound lack of policy related articles
  12. Most of his articles can be found here Also if there are specific article or book requests or good articles that people believe should be shared, do share, access to this info and sharing this only leads to better debates
  13. Most of his articles can be found here Also if there are specific article or book requests or good articles that people believe should be shared, do share, access to this info and sharing this only leads to better debates
  14. Since the Critique section has people out hunting for K books and articles, it seems fit that that there be a place where we can put all the Hag books and articles, there may not be as many of them or as wide ranging as the critique section is but this deserves its own section, so I figured I would start and people who have more to add can do so according those were the three that came up off the top of my mind, I will add more later but since I am on vacation and don’t have access to my computer it makes things harder, so if people have requests I ( and hopefully others) will do the best we can in trying to get them. HEG GOOD Khalilzad, Zalmay "Losing the moment? Bradley A. Thayer In defense of primacy Barry Posen Command of the Commons The Military Foundation of U.S. Hegemony
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