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  1. I honestly don't know what happened. This new format really sucks and is confusing.
  2. You've become a legend.
  3. 12 people are viewing Misc should be mentioned.
  4. Someone is jealous of Kerpen's unattainably high Tetris score.
  5. This can all be done through the Private Message function. Please direct your attention to the top right where your name is and where it says "Private Message." Thread locked as to avoid further rudeness.
  6. Samantha Nichols, I have never met you but you are a class act. Your coach and squad are most likely aware of this fact, but they should be very proud of you. An attitude such as yours is very rare on these boards and is increasingly rare within our debate community. It is difficult to see the true value of debate in any form when you are still within the activity. I have only been out of high school for a few years and my commitment now is only limited to judging 4 or 5 tournaments a year, but I am certain that I will never again meet a more interesting and admirable group of people. We are blessed with not only amazing coaches in Kansas, but some of the best educators as well. Most are sarcastic "jerks," but the level of commitment they show and levelheadedness amongst the most egotistical (come on, it's true) group of high school students is second to none. While there is indeed trash-talking amongst the students, you will never see a group of your peers operate with such professional and pleasant decorum any other time in your life. The overall atmosphere of tournaments and seeing people who you are hanging out with one minute and next trying to tear apart viciously in a debate round will never be rivaled again. And, of course, the judging community is IMPECCABLE. I am always more than happy to judge rounds even though it means missing work/money or time that I would've spent relaxing in my hectic schedule. The reason being is that I remember all that was given to me educationally in debate and the time sacrifice of so so many to make sure there was a tournament organized to run on time or my coach staying a million hours after school just so we could fit in one more practice round. The system of debate and its value is absolutely impossible to accurately quantify. The skills you have learned can not be taught as thoroughly or as quickly any other way. However, the people you have met and the lessons you have taken from the amazing personalities that fill the debate community are impossible to find in any other activity. For those of you still in the activity, take an extra second to say thanks to your coaches or at least appreciate all they do for you as your coach, educator, and mentor. You can hate how our state isn't more "champ" or that you have a ton of lay judges, but at the end of the day you are able to take advantage of these amazing opportunities that are not available any other way at such a young age (or maybe ever.) So stop bitching about laptops and the space topic and have fun, damnit.
  7. I'm organizing a DDOS attack for when that InfinitePrep jerk buys the site. Anyone want to contribute control of their computer to my botnet?
  8. It was Kerpen's troll account trying to drive up the price. Fels, you must not be super intent on winning this auction if you made the minimum price your maximum bid.
  9. I was the one that made the bid. I will not tell you what my max bid is, but I will look forward to being the new owner of Cross-X.com in a week's time.
  10. If you look forward to it too much you will probably end up dying from alcohol poisoning.
  11. Thread stickied in support of a wonderful program and a great cause.
  12. Mine bought me soccer shoes.
  13. I don't think any of that gets finalized until the actual year starts and the coaches have their meetings, etc. When it is available, you will find it here: (http://www.kshsaa.org/Public/Debate/Tournaments.cfm)
  14. Haha, make sure you are using protection. If you are with one laptop you are also getting with every laptop that laptop has ever been with.
  15. Found a video on the last meeting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz3-5wucOZI
  16. Dinosaur coaches, do you remember any other debates like this happening over the years in which people were slow/afraid to adapt to technology?
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