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  1. Mburg used to go...IDK if they still do
  2. We do not have ceda policy but we have NFA ld, which is one person policy which I do. No, the cases are usually something real that is happening but not really main steam, along with maybe 1 or 2 hypothetical cases based on current events. It is kind of Mock trial, ldish, but really different. Based on ethical prinicpals like Kant, Util, Virtue ethics etc....You argue abouth the relevent issues in case and answer questions judge poses you. The teams do not even have to take different stances on issue, can agree on what should be done but defend it better. It is alot of fun.
  3. Clemson is in SC, in the ACC, has a speech counterpart..actually mostly speech just started debating....National ethics bowl is a competition which is held where each team of 5 people get 15 cases with ethical dilemmeas in them and you present and rebut the other teamshowing your knowledge of ethics and etihcal theories. YOu go to a regional bowl which has 20-25 schools and 4 team qualify for nationals, where op 32 schools compete (we just got back, We got 3rd in country)
  4. I was from HADL country, homeland of bad judging, and while I agree with you on most parts, I have gotten some bad judges in college, like the Speech team coach who judged who was a comm professor and took speaker points to heart. That being said, judging in college is better and the people you meet are willing to help and the community is much closer and I think a better overall experience. many schools have debate programs with many different circuits to compete on and other competitions like Speech, National Ethics Bowl etc... all that have ties to debate and skills foster, not to mention any skills needed for a job in the legal profession.
  5. Heftybag87

    HADL Pride

    As a former HADL alum and being coached under Murray who, while open to some new ideas, was more privy to stock issues, I think that many PA, central PA judges especially are told that K's nad CP's are bad, and really do not understand them. While there may be no hope for CP's, K's can be modified. I have used some and won on them in HADL rounds. Just do not call them K's. Judges are judging not understanding what the different arguments are so do not weigh them. SO just becasue there seems to be a moratorium on K's, you can in a sense still run them. I remember success with the Disaster Porn K on the UNPKO topic. On another note, I had many interesting rounds that were stock issue rounds. If you have another good team who also adapts to have a stock issue round, can have great rounds. I am especially noticing this in college where I have had rounds with no T or any off case really, just maybe a disad. They do have value, and just running K's all the time you do lose some part od debate, what it was originally. On that note, If want to run a K in PA, to be different or whateer, make sure you know what you are doing. I remember judging a Truman vs La Salle? novice finals round at the La Salle tourney where La salle ran a CP and a K that linked to both their CP and the orginal plan. Furthermore, both were badly developed and did not really know what to do besides reading the cards. YOu could run these args in PA, but have to know how to do it and how to explain to lay judges because you will get them.
  6. Heftybag87

    HADL Pride

    consider yourselfs lucky...I am now in college and coaching some kids in SC...judges are worse and way more conservative
  7. unfortunatley...there is a history of biased decisions in HADL...I did not want to go to states my junior year because same day as prom..but 2 seniors on my team were really good and winning alot of tournaments that year and showing well at TOC tourneys, when they lost in final round to a team from a school that had not won a round all year, not even in HADL. This same team ask me in a HADL round what stock issues were. needless to say, they jdge was from my teams biggest competition so she dropped my teamates to allow her team to go to states. Even worse, there was no RFD on ballot so no justification. Get use to it, it happens.
  8. Heftybag87

    HADL Pride

    What school? As a former HADL participant, I understand frustration, but part of being a good debator is adapting to judges. In college, I have gotten comm and english professors who never heard a deabte in their life as judges...you just have ot adjust. When I was in HADL i disguised Kritiks as DA and won on them...CP are lost though.
  9. I debated at Mechanicsburg for 4 years now debate at Clemson, was wondering if you saw a mechanicsburg team at all this year becasue when murray left my senior year, it all went downhill.
  10. I will be there judging LD for a local highschool, Me and a fellow member of the clemson debate team will be there handing out flyers and talking to coaches, parents, and competitiors about Clemson forensics and debate at the request of the tournament. We will be wearing clemson attire if anyone is interested is seeing what Clemson has to offer.
  11. Heftybag87

    Need a Judge?

    The only problem with it if its the sixth is that i would need a hotel the fifth cause I was coming back down on 6th when dorms open again.
  12. Heftybag87

    Need a Judge?

    Just a reminder, in the do you need tab assistance thread, m yinfo is there if ned a judge o rhired judge for a tournamnet. I am on the Debate team here at Clemson and I ahve judge some LD tournamnets but missing seeing HS policy so if need a judge look into the thread above for my info and email me. We are also recruiting for next year so I can bring flyers and talk to any parents coaches and competitiors about Clemson Forensics and speech (and scholarships!)
  13. I am form pennsylvania, but I now go to college in SC where I am on scholarship for debate. In college, LD is 1 person policy so I do that at my school. However, for this we go around to local high schools recruiting and judging tournamnets and what I have noticed is Policy is not big in the carolinas, especially south. LD is way more popular so I do not know how successful you will be at getting a school with policy. I bet some will have a forensics team with speech and LD, maybe can start a policy team but finding one with a well established one is hard. However, since so few do policy, qualing for NFL nat's is really easy! However, this is SC and NC may be different.
  14. the water one could spark some interesting arguments IMO as well as some crazy aff's and DA's
  15. I am looking for a good Veto and congressional override veto, ahve almost all camps and alot of orginial files, hit me up on aim, heftybag87
  16. hmm, what does the prostitiution Da say?
  17. I can get you info, give me your email and i can give it to her, however if it is about a judging decision, she is possibly the worst judge in the history debate so that could explain it and she has no idea how debate works(i have a plethora of examples to prove my point if someone really wants to hear them). Still, give me your email and I can give it to her seeing as she hates me and probably wouldn't give me her email.
  18. I ahve sowm, hit me up on aim:heftybag87
  19. I agree, just saying last years sprad was better, and there is really nothing to complain about so I had to do something.
  20. Went very smoothly IMO, big ups to La Salle, however, judges food was very sub-par comparred to last year but overall good job.
  21. I run legalize Drugs, if want to trade ohit me up on AIM: Heftybag87
  22. there is an evidence trading forum
  23. Go look for the queer soldiers neg from UT as a starter, can get some base ideas there
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