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  1. wHO'S GOING TO Elkins HS????
  2. have files to trade plz contact back
  3. duz nybody have a card that linx racism to slavery also i need a card or something that says that the Patriot Act deters Soft Power or something of the sort thanx
  4. any body got any cp's for this years topic i'd be interested if you would want to give some away. it would be good to start off the year with cp's
  5. need pdd 25 rrf a2 : moral obligation demining cambodia
  6. i'm willing to buy some as long it's for a reasonable price email me at desiballa23@alltel.net
  7. oh yeah i'm listening tell me what u want
  8. i think i have the whole kritik. let me check and i'll get back to u on that or hit me up on aim -pakadesi23
  9. if anybody has any kritiks or theory arguments please im me at pakadesi23 or email me at desiballa23@alltel.net or u can just call me at 832 935 6684 thanx i really appreciate it.
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