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  1. All information regarding the State Tournament is available at the Weber Debate Website. http://www.weberdebate.com/diviiiivvchamps.htm More information will be provided in the following days. Thank you, Brian Bryngelson WSU Debate
  2. Who was the last East team to win state? I know that East was a really good policy team before I was in high school...like Will, T-Cram, and Martin Osborn. Also I don't know who is good in Wyoming anymore, there were some decent young debaters who might have gotten a lot better.
  3. Well I mean if you're at UW the only way it'd effect you is if you judge highschool tournaments in the area, and as a former wyoming debater, a lot of coaches discourage their kids from disclosing. But I do agree that disclosure is a good thing. And that most people won't switch up their strats so just get good 2ac blocks. You don't have to give full cites, but plan text would be enough.
  4. Using laptops is a pain in the ass, I hate having to have people send me their ev on flash drives
  5. I would say wait until the first substantial tournament and then you will know what most people will run throughout the year probably up until state and nat quals. Most people disclose to their friends within the community after their rounds anyway. So if anyone busts a new aff the entire state usually knows about it within an hour. It really to me seems like defacto disclosure.
  6. Darsh that seems pretty optimistic to assume anything further than Alta unless you plan on taking yourself, but if you do come to Alta you should give me a call
  7. Hey someone draft me early in beer league softball im batting .333 with 1 rbi
  8. Ya but Powell beat us twice this weekend so they deserved it. Good luck to all Hole In the Wall-ers hope to see some of you in Vegas
  9. Powell MN beat us in finals.
  10. LOCK THIS THREAD. All I said was I thought that Tajin and Charlie were the better team, which I was hesitant to even say that and then everyone's feathers got ruffled. So lock this thread before it becomes an official East vs. Green River internet insult throwdown. I again congratulate the Green River girls and apologize that my comments started all of this bullshit.
  11. Are you serious what obstacles? And you are entitled to your own opinions and Im not going to get into a fight on the internet and I also wish you guys good luck at nationals and don't want you to think that the citation call was anything personal, in our round I asked that an undated piece of evidence be ignored and that a completely unsourced piece of evidence be disregarded. And why are you so worried about people knowing your sources? Its part of the game and provides for better debates.
  12. I'm just going to let this go. I don't feel that they are better than Charlie and Tajin and that is all I have to say about the matter.
  13. Green River now uses the OPIC (overseas private investment corporation)...plan takes $587 million given to OPIC by Bush to use in like 5 sectors of development for Africa. However they don't say when this money was alloted and I dont know if it has been invested already because the card they read which says they have this money has no date and only says from the OPIC's website.
  14. Just get the WFI camp file from the free camp evidence thread. It should be around 200 pages
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