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  1. I think this is a great idea. I used to write a lot on my ballots and always worried that people wouldn't be able to decipher my handwriting or would just lose them when their coaches handed it off to them and not have some helpful information(old problem at Chamblee). I think that this will catch on especially in V debate when the RFD's usually require more care.
  2. My friend from Pitt was in a lab with Dan, and I'm pretty sure that's true. Also, confirmed that rising-senior Chamblee debater(s) left for Lakeside HS (DeKalb). I wouldn't expect much this year as they are going to need to regroup. Also, hi everyone.
  3. I don't know if any of the Chamblee kids went to camp. The rumor mill says some of the older debaters may be going to Lakeside HS. Hopefully, I'll be able to judge a tournament or two this year and see what's going on for myself. ~Kathryn
  4. I'd love to come, but Chamblee's not going anymore. And I'm only available to judge on Saturday. Good luck all!
  5. theuberninja


    Aww! Have fun everybody! Hopefully, I'll see some people the following week at West GA- but that largely depends on Chamblee being functional.
  6. Chamblee's on the fence about coming. I'd still really like to be at Carrolton, but its not looking good unless someone would like a coach or a judge. Then I'm here.
  7. I get to see Tom and Kunzelman! :D Sounds awesome. Chamblee should be bringing about 5 lovely teams. The definites I know of are: Vincent Li/Whoever he's debating with at Fayette Philip Gobin/Leighton Cheng and maybe Zinan Zhang/Peter Bau (maybe) 2-3 novice teams + a Sok and a Kathryn
  8. Actually, it's looking like both Sok and I will be trying to make an appearance! Yay for kickin' it old school! Can't wait to hopefully see all of you.
  9. If anyone needs judging- please let me know!
  10. theuberninja


    Crap. I didn't even know elections were going on. NOOOOOO!
  11. LOOK EXCITEMENT!!! Discuss.
  12. I remember you Eric! Good luck in all your upcoming endeavors. If you're still in Carrolton maybe I'll bump into you while I'm at a tournament or something! Keep it real. ~Kathryn
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