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  1. does anyone have a file on neoliberal economics? nickwilkersonuk7 AIM
  2. What is Topicality? I am not looking for your coach's basic definition i know what it is. I am wondering what exactly is the negative advocating when they run topicality? Are they saying that we should do the affirmative plan but that it is in the negative jurisdiction or are the negative saying simply that the plan is abusive because the aff is running a plan not in it's jurisdiction. or is topicality simply based on the voters you stick on at the end?
  3. It seems to me that what exactly a quick citation is entirely subjective. what is quick to you may not be quick to me.
  4. Perm to do the plan then withdraw from the UN i mean.
  5. Why is perming a withdrawl counterplan bad?
  6. Dartmouth put out three negs to pdd 25 sdi put one out and northwestern put one out.
  7. Does anyone have a card that says that airlift or multilateralism is key to cosmopolitanism? I have DDI SDI Fellows Michigan 7 week and Northwestern. contact me on aim at nickwilkersonuk7
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