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  1. Hello cross-x community, I am going to attend SUNY-Buffalo next year to work on a PhD and wanted to find out any information about available jobs or programs in the area that could use coaching. If you have any contacts or information, please backchannel me (message on here, public email address on account info). A little info about me in case it's necessary: Graduating Gonzaga University with a BA in Political Science and Philosophy, minor in History. I will be studying at SUNY Buffalo but have a desire to keep coaching if at all possible. My qualifications are mostly in the area of policy (CX) style debate, but would be able and open to other formats (LD, Public Forum, Parliamentary). I've been the assistant coach at Mead High School (Spokane, WA) for four years and have contributed to all areas of the program, including the previous formats as well as Congress and Individual Events/Speech. I coached a team to an 11th place finish in Policy Debate at the 2011 NFL nationals, Qualified a team in 2010 and coached a team to a third place finish at state in 2011, among other successes. I also debated for Gonzaga for three years (recently placed a team in the top 5 regular season, Semis at the NDT). Any other info needed, please don't hesitate to ask. If you know of some schools in the region but don't have contact info, I would still appreciate a posted response with the name of the school active in High School Debate. Thanks, Andrew Myers
  2. http://sports.espn.go.com/blog/collegebasketballnation/tag/_/name/5-things-to-lovehate 4. Oh, and those No. 8 seeds. This is partially covered in note No. 1 about the South, but look at these No. 8 seeds: California, Texas, UNLV and ... Gonzaga? One of these things is not like the other. Hint: It's Gonzaga. Sure, the Bulldogs were badly beaten in their conference title game, thus making them an at-large bid at the committee's mercy. Sure, as with the bubble teams left out of the tournament, it's hard to feel too bad for any team that didn't handle its business in the closing stretches of the season. But Gonzaga, with an RPI of 36 and a nonconference record of 12-3 seems insanely underseeded here. That feeling is accentuated when you look at its peers on the No. 8 line. What makes the seeding even worse is that because the committee thought Duke deserved a higher No. 1 seed than Syracuse, the Dukies drew Cal, by far the most overseeded of the No. 8s, while the Cuse will play a talented, deep, athletic Bulldogs team led by an experienced tournament guard in Matt Bouldin. (Not to mention that Kansas might get UNLV and Kentucky could play a lifeless but undeniably talented Texas team.) Ouch. Also, Quality wins Outside a two loss conference record: Wisconsin, Cincinnati, (at) Illinois, (at) Memphis, Oklahoma, Davidson.
  3. 50 is a pretty low baseline, its realistically closer to 55. Additionally, I know teams last year that had 65+ winning percentages. Its really a matter of success i.e. if you get to quarters at Wake and occasionally break elsewhere and end up with a 55% win percentage, versus a team that never goes deep but has a inflated win percentage because of weaker regional tournaments, the former will commonly get the bid. Also you are right, there can only be 6 "Third teams" at the NDT. It gets messy when considering whether a squad's top team got a first round or not, etc.
  4. HIGH SCHOOL TOURNAMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Beginning in 2010 GU will now run two separate high school tournaments. The Conway Winter Classic will offer Individual Events, Lincoln Douglas, Student Congress and Public Forum. This tournament will be held January 8th - 9th, 2010 The Conway Spring Classic will offer Policy/CX only. This Spring Classic will serve as our TOC qualification tournament (Semis Bid). This tournament will be hosted March 5th - 7th, 2010. For dates and details click the link below.
  5. HIGH SCHOOL TOURNAMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Beginning in 2010 GU will now run two separate high school tournaments. The Conway Winter Classic will offer Individual Events, Lincoln Douglas, Student Congress and Public Forum. This tournament will be held January 8th - 9th, 2010 The Conway Spring Classic will offer Policy/CX only. This Spring Classic will serve as our TOC qualification tournament (Semis Bid). This tournament will be hosted March 5th - 7th, 2010.
  6. A. Don't print any files on GU computers unless you are paying for it at the library. All those printers are needed for current students and faculty taking summer classes. Seriously, don't dry out a printer when a senior may need to be printing their final essays. B. Obviously, the camp is pushing paperless, but if you still want printed files first, inform your lab leaders then email Brent (you can get that email from your lab leaders as well). Evidence for practice debates is actually being taken care of right now. If you are worried about evidence for the tournament, we are still offering to print it for less than it would cost for you do it. There will be a process explained via email before the tournament. C. Be smart with what you need printed. Turns out, having all the files printed isn't necessary if you're not going for case, capitalism or politics, they aren't necessary files to have printed. Also, if you like paperless but are worried, having just shells printed at the library works very well.
  7. dylon dylon dylon dylon dylon
  8. and you are whom exactly?
  9. maybe, but woodsman know nothing of the outside world...
  10. Fuck this, it was sunny and warm in LA
  11. The tournament will go on as scheduled, despite the weather conditions. Good luck and see you thursday P.S. hire Paul, he needs cash to feed an insatiable Wolfey's habit
  12. Should have been three- damn ground having the gall to trip Reggie Bush tampa at dallas atlanta at philly kansas city at jets san diego at nawleans StL at new england buffalo at miami washington at detroit arizona at carolina oakland at baltimore cincinnati at houston cleveland at jacksonville seattle at san francisco giants at pittsburgh colts at titans
  13. four teams, three rounds thats solid
  14. Questions for Former HS Debaters Name: Andrew Myers Age: 18 Gender: male Hometown: Spokane, WA Former HS: Mead High School How many years did you debate: 4 In which styles/paradigms did you prefer to debate, and why: Oddly enough, my partner and i embraced most types of debate (topicality/theory debates, policy debates, "middle of the road" debates and kritiks) but i'd say i prefered critical arguments What styles/paradigms did you think are the most effective, and why: I think a mix is best because it incorporates both assumptions about how we endorse certain types of policymaking while also adressing the reality of problems and the need for action What styles/paradigms did you think were the most valid/worthwhile, and why: to say one form or another was more valid i think undermines the very nature of debate- the best style/paradigm is the one that communicates the point most effectively. Some people are better fit to do that in the realm of the politics DA some in their K. So, an all encompassing one is best. What is your judging paradigm now: Debate is about arguments. Your job is to provide a framework for deciding a round and persuading the judge to vote for you within that framework. Persuasion, logic and use of evidence are fundamental parts of debate and in using those well or better than your opponents, you should win. How did debate most affect your HS years: I think it encouraged me to think at a deeper level when posed questions in class, to read individually and to challenge normal assumptions during discussions with classmates, friends, teachers and family members. I personally got into philosophy and political science because of debate. Was there a single author whom you found the most helpful or whom you utilized the most in order create your arguments: Not really, though I'd say Edward Said and Michel Foucault played a large part as well as J Ann Tickner How many authors were you exposed to while researching for debate in HS? A very broad range- you name it Were there any authors who affected you personally at the time? If so, who and why? Edward Said, he was the first "critic" that i read and forced me to come to terms with the problem of most world views and to realize there are problems with how we talk about and assume things of people. Other classical/modern philosophers (Locke, Hobbes, Kant) made me interested in post-modernists including Nietzsche, Sartre, Camus and others. Were ther any particular authors you were encouraged by your coach to read: not really, my partner and I were fairly individualistic about our research How often do you participate in this forum: Less now that I am in college, when in HS once a day or every other day Why do you participate in this forum: I found it interesting to see people's reactions to ideas, to communicate with fellow (local and national) debaters, evidence exchange Do you consider HS debate a community: Most definitely If so, what do you think your role in that community is: Now, it's a mentor and supporter What function, if any, do you think this forum plays in that community: Provides students with, albeit...varrying in quality, resource to understand how to compete, participate and understand the HS debate community. Do you consider the output of debate research to be a form of writing: I believe so- it's a construction of varies pieces of information to make one larger point. Is there any literature about debate you read: Very sparringly Do you write in any other context about debate: School papers, informational papers about it How has debate affected the way you write in other contexts: It both improved the quality of points i was making and also allowed me to understand the opposing sides of viewpoints. The logical flow that becomes inherent with pracitice makes 5 page papers a sinch. Additionally, the research you do in policy debate makes so much other research easier and small in comparison. Do you go to college, and if so, where: Gonzaga University Do you participate in college debate: Yes Is there anything you hope to contribute to HS debate: A useful resource for higher level debaters in HS and a teacher for those newcomers Where do you see the future of HS debate: I think it depends largely on a few key issues including the acceptance of technology, adaptation by schools and coaches to new trends and most importantly funding. With those in place it can continue to be a good avenue for intellectual coming of age.
  15. Is this warm up tournament at CDA still happening I know some mead kids are attending- is anyone else?
  16. mates of state were disappointing live
  17. One thing that I see as a reoccurring theme but don't really see evidenced is the assumed correlation between success and funding. Do school boards really care about the success? I think they more and more are seeing that it's an expensive event one that contributes more red than black when balancing the bills at the end of the year. This is not to defend schools and their ridiculous budget allocations- Cheerleaders and football players get new uniforms more consistently than we get travel money. The problem I think extends beyond success- how do we get more funding for schools? Thomas and I weren't amazing by any extent- yet our entire team last year had a dominating performance locally, state-wide and even some national success; but, Mead still had major budget cuts and the school purposefully turned away kids from joining debate to keep it down to one class. Perhaps this is a better area to explore.
  18. RE: Berserker's comments Please ignore thomas' comments as he moved to oregon and is now a hippie. You know why hippies are bad? Because they let terrorists attack us. In all seriousness though, don't run a K that links to the CP or that the CP doesn't solve. That would make winning much more likely. Taylor, I feel declaring theory as your A strat in fact makes you look Weak. Plus, why declare what you're going to do in the season? It's not like losing your biggest offensive weapon will hurt you *cough* Tom Brady who *cough* How are other schools looking? SGS did ya'll pickup the Faust? Is it really down to Gprep, Mead CM and SGS for policy?
  19. surprisingly, this is proof of your diploma
  20. melvin (and others concerned about ballots), i wouldn't know for sure about the nature of finals but during the regular tournament we just sent glen our decisions, speakers and ranks- no RFDs If the finals panel sent glen RFDs you should email him and ask, but the way the rest of the tournament was run was without ballots- students were expected to listen to oral criticisms after the round. Obviously, this didn't happen for finals, so it may be the opposite case. Also note, with few exceptions, we didn't hate the campers, just the responsibility of watching you and keeping you from doing stupid shit.
  21. this isn't entirely accurate A) most of the RA's were not in that part of the vicinity (aka Fedrizzi outside, Jenna in the storeroom) I was told about the fight but i was on the fourth floor before i was told by another camper about the situation and went to tell the other RA's and talk to Nate. Nate didn't talk to any of us.
  22. While I think a complete rejection of T for a k reason (like limits bad- excludes voices, etc.) are not necessarily good arguments, I think you can overcome the problems with standard K's of T by including it in a competing interpretations framework. For example, if you had some criticism of the interpretation and had an interpretation that both a) got out of the criticism and competed on a substantive level (limits, ground, education etc.). By doing that you are still debating topicality and are simply including nontraditional standards in the debate over what should or shouldnt be discussed in a resolution. If you believe constricting or forcing the resolution to mean X is bad then give an alternative to that interpretation and offer a better one. I think it's the blanket rejections of Topicality that often fall victim to the (imo, correct) arguments about the necessity of a set topic discussion for the aff and neg and thus, debate.
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