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  1. Wrap your plastic crown around these magaziens of love.
  2. Rambo

    Iowa 05-06

    i think you just made something up for attention. That's what i think.
  3. Rambo

    Iowa 05-06

    I actually found a smiley that represents the conversation Vint and Shoofs just had-
  4. Rambo

    Iowa 05-06

    What happened in that round?
  5. Rambo

    Iowa 05-06

    I was like, "whoa" until i saw the jk at the bottom of the post. You had me worried there for a second.
  6. i meant perm: do the cp.
  7. Why is it competitive?
  8. Rambo

    Iowa 05-06

    Note the question marks, it's a confused face.
  9. Juniors/Sophomores: July 3 between 1pm and 5pm CDT
  10. Kelcey, are you bringing ur magician stuff?
  11. When didja become a vegitarian?
  12. Sweet. P.S.- Veggie Burgers suck, and i can only imagine that BK Veggie burgers suck a helluva lot
  13. Here's the thing Tree- Does DADT explicitly (or at all give the feds the authority to search, or is it something they just do?
  14. They are- you can't amend somthing that doesn't exist- its a pretty legit cp. What about a plan that replaces DADT with something?
  15. If you go- Inherency- USFG can search homsexuals for no reason despite DADT Plan- Amend DADT to speciffically not allow the USFG to search them. Not the right phrasing, obviously, but a plan like that seems pretty topical to me.
  16. Hey, CR Wash kids, do you know if you're going yet?
  17. I think we'd have to do it before the dorm talk, cuz then we go meet with lab leaders, and by the time we get back to the dorms, it's like 10, if I remember correctly.
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