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  1. Wrap your plastic crown around these magaziens of love.
  2. Rambo

    Iowa 05-06

    i think you just made something up for attention. That's what i think.
  3. Rambo

    Iowa 05-06

    I actually found a smiley that represents the conversation Vint and Shoofs just had-
  4. Rambo

    Iowa 05-06

    What happened in that round?
  5. Rambo

    Iowa 05-06

    I was like, "whoa" until i saw the jk at the bottom of the post. You had me worried there for a second.
  6. i meant perm: do the cp.
  7. Why is it competitive?
  8. Rambo

    Iowa 05-06

    Note the question marks, it's a confused face.
  9. Juniors/Sophomores: July 3 between 1pm and 5pm CDT
  10. Kelcey, are you bringing ur magician stuff?
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