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  1. forbesj if you are listening. You need to empty your privite messages folder so that i can send you some messages.
  2. y'all just simmer down! we don't need a repeat of the Campus forum.
  3. yeah i am pretty sure it is the same ning
  4. i just found out haysville cancelled school for friday.which = no tournament
  5. i just found out haysville cancelled school for friday.which = no tournament
  6. you think 2 is bad i am already hearing of more schools that have already canceled school friday. but i have not heard any thing about campus or DCI
  7. first that is not what i meant second i am sorry if you are reffering to me. i will leave. and delete the off topic ones
  8. what kind? big game, small game or bird
  9. yeah why do you doubt it?
  10. i am not trying to silence him, i am only pointing out that i disapprove. he can say what he likes. yes, you can say Abortion kicks ass! i am not telling others how to live their lives i am merely showing i dislike it. and the only reason i do that is because most americans are insecure and want to always be in the right. as Lowell said in "Stanzas on Freedom," "They are slaves who will not choose Hatred, scoffing, and abuse, Rather than in silence shrink From the truth they must think; They are slaves who dare not be In the right with two or three."
  11. His name is Ning Lu. To read the ning Chronical go here http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=35215 they are all the post by BWhite
  12. with no school on friday that means no warm up tournament and no DCI. also some schools require that if school cancels the the student activites must also be cancelled
  13. Matt i know you and you are no Jesus
  14. i understood the point exactly! i was just making a point that i really do not like seeing Jesus bashing, whether it was meant to be funny or not
  15. please don't tell me are refering to Jesus Christ!! and if you are i am offended. we can't have a christmas tree but you can bash our Savior!! that doesn't seem fair!!!!
  16. yeah i remember it also. i could not get out the front door because snow drifted about 4 and 1/2 feet high.
  17. thanks and sorry to all who had to read my earlier posts
  18. no i don't do 4n6 check your e-mail i sent you something. anyhow doesn't 4a and5a compete against each other at 4-speaker and 2-speaker state?
  19. well are you going to 4-speak at kapaun or either 2 or 4-speaker at state? i am!
  20. he e-mailed me. we pulled out because campus is actully about a 20 drive from kapaun and he just thought it would be easier that way
  21. i'm from kapaun. by the way ning rocks!!!
  22. i have just been informed that kapaun is not attending the tournament. However holding the warmup on a weekday is a good idea! only a two round tourament would help more than going cold! the only question is who is going to host it?
  23. yeah but why???? are the schools with out power? if not would it not make sense to provide the kids with out power a warm place to go? Also, what liability? schools aren't liabile if kids get in a car crash on the way to school.
  24. no because some teams use them for warm up for 4-speak regionals the next weekend
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