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  1. just passing info along. dont know if it really matters. Coolevie: when u all come down to congress districts saturday, tell your team to stay away from the downtown area Kahuna145: ? Coolevie: from noon-5 theres gonna be a nazi march in the downtown area in columbia Kahuna145: oh shit Coolevie: pass it on to ne of the other stl teams if u could Kahuna145: okay Kahuna145: will do Coolevie: national socialist party is marching in downtown columbia Coolevie: 12-5 Coolevie: thats how long the march is. theres a rally for tolerence in a nearby park and opposition protesting isnt suggested bc it might incite violence
  2. These are the breaks for all debate events. Quarterfinals will be held Saturday morning (i want to say 11:00 am) at Parkway CENTRAL High School. I believe Novice Public Forum will start at 2:00 PM, which is when all other semifinals begin. Awards ceremony is after semifinals and right before finals. Varsity Policy 2A 2B 3A 9A 10A 10B 17A 17C Varsity LD 1A 1B 2A 2C 2D 3A 4A 7A Varsity PF 2A 2B 2D 3A 9A 9B 10A 13A Novice Policy 2A 2B 3A 3B 3D 3H 7A 13A Novice LD 2A 3D 3F 7A 10A 14B 15D 16B Novice PF 5A 7A 16A 16B
  3. true that. but if you think about it, it isnt that surprising. 17 of the 126 teams at nats in PF were from missouri, more than any other state. the next biggest was ohio with 9. but awesome job either way.
  4. if you look at round 9 in LD: 264 Stony Point BP vs. 198 St. Louis Park CT after round 9, 198 remained undefeated. so 264 had 1 loss. round 10. dorsey (1 loss) hit 264 (1 loss) then jump to results of round 11. you see 264 is still in at round 11. so if victory briefs is reliable, its probable that dorsey is out. but congrats to everyone nonetheless
  5. Kahuna1459


    ^that was amazing^ zack heller is a funny guy.
  7. yea i remember her. i hit her in 2nd round, but i lost. judge said it was a close round though, so i was like cool.
  8. you prolly could pwn me in LD since im a novice. but sorry alex, i would never do puff again, even for the opportunity to own you hehehehehe
  9. if thats true, how is puff more complex? NO v or vc. all you have are contentions... refute them and win.
  10. hmm thats how i feel about puff. puff = worthless.
  11. puff has nothing but a bunch of worthless topics. who the hell could enjoy a 45 minute debate on standardized testing. i have to agree with zack on the one minute rebuttal deal. actually......... im going to go out on a very dangerous limb here...... POLICY SUCKS. oh snap no i didnt *runs away*
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    X-Box Live

    keegan you are hella obsessed with paintballing arent you
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    did you just see that now rob? that video has been out forever.
  14. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/denny0851/detail?.dir=da16&.dnm=4020.jpg&.src=ph that is by far the best picture in that album. hahaha it makes me laugh.
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