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  1. Does anyone have a list of the full break round results. Starting with quarter finals?
  2. West bloomfield always has a good novice program!!!
  3. Any results of varsity break rounds/speaker awards?
  4. No one started a thread so I thought I should!! Which teams are going???
  5. Yea does anyone from Okemos know the final number of teams?
  6. Does anyone from Okemos know how many teams are expected to come??
  7. Mackinac is next weekend! I don't know what Banana is smoking.
  8. Hey, which teams are going to be there? I am pretty excited, it will be off the hook!!!!!!!
  9. I'd have to say west bloomfield. They are quite attractive.
  10. Does anyone possibly know what Bay City Central, Henry Ford II, Eisenhower or Grand Blanc run as their aff case? It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know if they are going yet? I'm trying to decide if I should go becuase it is the week of our finals.
  12. Can someone post full results for JV. I wanna know the pairings and who won.
  13. West Bloomfield is bringing varsity and jv. Is there a list of schools yet?
  14. Novice Semis 1. South Lyon debates Groves 2. Dexter debates Utica JV Finals 1. Holland debates Groves Varsity Finals 1. Dexter debates Groves Varsity Speaker Awards 1. Steve Burke (Groves) 2. Alec Lee (Groves) 3. Matt Gruisin (Seaholm) 4. ?????? 5. Sasha Hyman ( Seaholm, don't know if that's spelled right sorry) 6. ?????? 7. David Genevich (Groves) 8. ??????? 9. ?????? 10. Rasheed Kahn (West Bloomfield)
  15. Varsity Semis were Groves BL d. FHN PK (2-1) Dexter GKi d. Mona PS (3-0) Finals- Groves BL d. Dexter GK Varsity Speaker Awards 1. Steve Burke (Groves) 2. Alec Lee (Groves) 3. Matt Muir (Seaholm) 4. ?????? 5. Sasha Hyman ( Seaholm, don't know if that's spelled right sorry) 6. ?????? 7. David Genevich (Groves) 8. ??????? 9. ?????? 10. Rasheed Kahn (West Bloomfield) Novice: Semis- Groves JM (aff) d. South Lyon 3-0 Utica d. Dexter Finals- Groves JM (aff) d. Utica 2-1 JV: Finals- Groves MR (aff) d. Holland GS 2-1 ___________________________________________________ You and your team are invited to the third annual: West Bloomfield Debate Invitational What: Varsity, JV, and Novice 2p swing When: November 18th and 19th Where: West Bloomfield High School With novices states around the corner we want everyone to experience a competitive tournament to help get our kids ready. *Registration deadline is Wednesday, November 16th at 8 p.m. contact information email: Thursam@westbloomfield.k12mi.us school phone: (248) 865- 6720, ext. 6842 Mail to: Att: Joel Thursam / Director of Debate West Bloomfield High School 4925 Orchard Lake Road West Bloomfield, MI 48323 West Bloomfield Debate Invitational Dear Colleague, You and your team are invited to the West Bloomfield Invitational Debate Tournament on November 18th &19th 2005. This year’s tournament will be an exciting competition that represents the new changes and reflects the changing phases of the West Bloomfield Debate Program. Varsity, JV and Novice policy debates will be held at West Bloomfield High School. We hope to have a very competitive tournament as novice states are right around the corner. Last year’s tournament ended up being a great prep for novice states for a number of teams! FORMATS Two-person Varsity (Friday/Saturday) - This division will participate in five rounds of swing debate. Three of the preliminary rounds will be power paired. The number of elimination rounds will depend on the number of entries. Two-person JV (Friday/Saturday) – The format for this division will be the same as the Varsity. Two-person Novice (Friday/Saturday) – There will be two preset rounds and three power paired rounds. The number of elimination rounds will depend on the number of entries. *****Lunch and all elimination rounds will be at West Bloomfield High School***** JUDGES You must provide one judge per four debaters in each division (i.e., one judge covers two teams). You may not use one judge in more than one division, other than JV and Varsity, which will be tabbed together (thus, if you need a half-judge in Varsity and a half-judge in JV, you need two half-judges not one judge to cover both positions). JUDGES ARE OBLIGATED ONE ROUND PAST YOUR TEAM’S ELIMINATION!!!! Hired judges are limited (first come, first serve) at a cost of $75 for a half-judge and $150 for a full judge. If you know of people who want to judge, have them let us know. FEES The entry fee per Varsity/JV and a two-person novice is $45. The entry fee per novice unit is $45. Please make checks payable to the West Bloomfield Debate or Joel Thursam. AWARDS Each team advancing beyond preliminary rounds will receive a trophy. There will be ten speaker awards for varsity, ten speaker awards for each novice division, and seven for junior varsity. We ask that you stay for awards if possible, and help celebrate the accomplishments of other teams. DEADLINES Entries must be received by Wednesday, November 16th, 2005 at 8pm. Fees are frozen at 8pm of that Wednesday. CONTACTS I can be reached at the following numbers: Work (248) 865-6720, extension 6842, ask for Joel Thursam. fax (248) 865-6756. *****Please fax the names of your debaters by 4 p.m. Nov. 16 mail Joel Thursam West Bloomfield High School, 4925 Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield, MI 48323. email The preferred method of entry is email Thursam@westbloomfield.k12.mi.us (you will receive a message confirming that your entry was received). TENTATIVE SCHEDULE Friday 2:00-3:00 pm Registration in the Auditorium 3:15 pm General meeting 4:00 pm Round I (all divisions) 5:45 pm Round II (all divisions) 7:30 pm Dinner at West Bloomfield High School 8:15 pm Round III (all divisions) Saturday 7:30 am Schematics Available 7:45 am Round IV (all divisions) 9:30 am Round V (all divisions) 11:30 am Lunch 12:30 pm Elimination Round I 2:15 pm Elimination Round II 4:00 pm Awards in the Auditorium 5:00 pm Elimination round III FOOD Food will be available for purchase on Friday and Saturday. The schedule is tight, and the food vendors are far, so pleases do not plan on leaving the building for meals. A selection of snacks will be available, free for coaches and judges, in the lounge during the tournament. ___________________________________________________High School will enter: __________Varsity Two-Person (Fri. & Sat.) @ $45 per entry ________ __________JV Two-Person (Fri. & Sat.) @ $45 ________ __________Novice Two-Person (Fri. & Sat.) @ $45 ________ __________Full Judges @ $150 each ________ __________1/2 Judges @ $75 each ________ Total Fee, Checks Payable to West Bloomfield Debate or Joel Thursam Due prior to or at registration. Coach________________________________ Email_____________________ School Address________________________________ School Phone #______________ Home Phone______________________ Fax Number _______________________ *****Please attach a list of your debate pairing and judges or send one by November 16th, 2005
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