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  1. I'm glad we can all agree 9 years later: Chase seriously sucks.
  2. In tournament news, Cory & I won... every division. And sweepstakes. All the events, too. Didn't drop a ballot the whole tournament.
  3. I love that I can give unlimited reputation out now on Cross-X.com. UPVOTE ALL THE CORY POSTS.
  4. I may have forgotten Cross-x.com actually existed for the past 6 months or so. But yes, I can indeed confirm I will be appearing at the Chuck Page tournament, partnering with Cory. We'll be running a wipeout aff and Heidegger on the neg. I'll disclose cites soon. ...actually I'm probably just going to judge some rounds.
  5. As if that's a valid excuse.
  6. Instead of preparing for Northwester, Weston was bumping old cross-x threads. True story. Let this thread die already
  7. Pimpin' ain't easy, dude... Dave's got shit to do, yo.
  8. I'm glad we can all agree 4 years later: Chase sucks.
  9. I'm a west side person now. Who knew? Pretty sure I've judged basically every OK team that went to state/nationals, east and west. The quality of debaters on the west side is just consistently better, largely because of a greater diversity of local competition and proximity to a pool of high-quality judges (read: people with college debate experience). Don't get your panties all in a bunch just because you're not topping every judge's list for best debater...
  10. Best judge: Me. duhhhhhhh Best coach: There's no arguing with state champions, a TOC bid and two teams at nationals -- Gaston. Best overall squad: Heritage. Best overall team: Heritage Hall HS Best team as the affirmative: Heritage Hall HS. Oddly, I don't think I've seen them on the neg, even though I voted for them about 5 times on the aff this year. Best team as the negative: Jenks MP. I've got a soft spot for Nishant. He rocks. Best critical debater: Nishant. Best straight-up policy debater: Probably Cooper, but I dunno. Haven't really seen anyone go for tix and case lately. Most persuasive speaker: Zain. Conducts great cross-x's and is good at adapting. Fastest debater: Probably Olivia from Heritage. The Santa Fe kids can go pretty fast sometimes too. Best T debater: Zoey from Santa Fe. I can't remember being particularly impressed by anyone else this year. Best 2AR: I'll say Tess since she was 2A most of the year. I can't really remember a lot of outstanding 2A's besides her. Best 1AR: Cooper or Zain or Nishant; not sure. Best 2NR: Cooper or Nishant. Best debater overall: Cooper. Nicest team: Memorial AR. Nicest debater: Zain's a pretty upstanding guy. Funniest debater: Dillon's unintentionally funny. Most fun debater to judge/watch: Dunno. I enjoyed judging Heritage, Santa Fe and Memorial a lot. Tess is good too. Rookie team of the year: Distelhorst and Masterson! w00t Most underrated team: Santa Fe FV. I wouldn't have predicted at the beginning of this year that they'd be in semis at state. Congrats to them. Most underrated debater: Austin Vance. Consistently defied my expectations -- he's definitely one of the smartest kids I've seen debate in high school. Most persistent team: I'm not really sure what this means. Most persistent debater: Oh shucks, I guess this means Dillon. I dropped him on a RVI on T his freshman year. It takes some balls to continue on after a loss like that... Most improved debater: Austin Vance. Most improved team: Probably Heritage HS. Longest 1AC of the year: I. Don't. Know. Who cares? Best in-round event/moment: What Shae said. Zain's cool. Freshman to look out for: Olivia and Jenks DM. Best Sophomore to look out for: Zoey. I don't know who else is a sophomore. Best Junior to watch out for: Cooper/Phil, Grant
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