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  1. blair's in. 3rd term, baby.
  2. I can´t say I know nearly as much about politics as you all do but my opinion on this is that, I see no justification for those wars. The Cold War and any other for that matter resulted from a series of decisions based on a political game by governments and by individuals. You saying, "the wars were bad but it all could have been worse" is like saying "a girl got raped but at least the rapist didn´t have STDs." I use such harsh an example to emphasis the fact that it (rape-wars) shouldn´t have to happen to begin with. I want to study politics in order to learn about humanity as an organ and believe it´s important to understand the system in order to "defeat" its flaws (vague I apoligize, but you get the gist) and hence, historical analysis is essential. But honestly, I find your analysis dangerous in that the underlying significance is the mentality that people are expendable in the grand political game. Half of my family is Korean and hearing stories and living there I see the influence the war had (and still has) on the people. If you want I would love to discuss this more but ultimately I am just asking that you please don´t dismiss the Korean War like that or the Vietnam War for that matter...
  3. -possibly (everything´s a possiblity). If you are looking for Christian evidence. Well...Jesus went to hell. -What´s it like? I don´t know -The obvious. Sidenote: About the rebelling thing. I think it´s a mistranslation-misunderstanding. The whole "Lucifer" thing was a reference to a king supposedly. For example, don´t you think it odd that suddenly a Latin name (Lucifer) appears in Hebrew texts? I personally believe that if there is a literal satan that he is indeed simply a "tempter" not a demigod of all that is evil. Almost in cohort with God (example: in Job, Satan got permission from God to do everything but kill Job. Temptation of Christ.) -I don´t know if hell is a seperation from God. I always thought it was more like a cleansing <i>process</i> as much as a place - hence the reason Jesus was there for only 3 days. But I seem to be in the minority. -Some believe if you´re dead you´re dead. There´s always utopia (as in "no place" rather than paradise.) -Away from the fact that "good" is subjective...like I said before I think "good" people can go to hell to cleanse their sins for awhile before they go above. -Dido with the evil. Only, perhaps, a longer check in. Except! The catch is, since Jesus died for ALL sins, according to christianity, there should be no reason for hell´s existance.
  4. It wasn't an argument, more like an offhand comment and in the context that she "probably has thoroughly considered both sides of the issue at hand." "laming random shit like genocide on her based on one CX post is a bit juvenile"-as in you haven't heard the entirety of her thoughts as to why she formed that particular opinion. Thinking one is right simply because one is on the liberal end of the issue is just as callow as thinking one is right because one is on the conservative end of the issue. In my experience there is rarely ultimate right or wrong, only opinions and a victor...but I babble. Essentially I was stating that I found it quite interesting that he extrapolated from her single post the fact that she is/was responsible for the genocide in Rwanda based on her stance on a depleted uranium. Looks like presupposition to meh~
  5. Actually, I've been told she's extremely intelligent and thus probably has thoroughly considered both sides of the issue at hand. I'm not necessarily agreeing with her but blaming random shit like genocide on her based on one CX post is a bit juvenile.
  6. Say what? I would think that the country/countries would be skeptical. Especially with the pobability that the US would be apologizing for ulterior motives (read above quote).
  7. golem

    How long

    i don't think they get it though....
  8. princeton, phenomenal. Take Political Communications if you can... Prepare for 3 hour nights (5 hours is the most you're going to get...ever) oh, and you get used to the 1 day weekends. But seriously, it's worth it. It gives you a taste of college (the non-partying part at least) and you learn like, shit loads. I'd go back only, I graduated. If you go to Georgetown, be prepared to lease your soul. I am not kidding.
  9. i think i dislike you... know why i call you "floyd"?? muahahahahaha...public enemy no. 1~!
  10. Floyd- Never responded to the presumption shift claims: John Stuart Hill - On Liberty: Liberties shouldn't be limited unless those liberties encroach upon others'. I'm pretty sure the constitution states the same thing. Origianlly posted by neural_link: How does marijuana encroach upon others' liberties? It doesn't. Schmack down, biatch.
  11. ummm...I think you already pretty much got the whole spectrum of the replies already: "God will tell me if he wants when he wants"; "shoot! I don't believe in that shit. I do what I want to do when I want to do it." ; and "oooooh! the question my friend is, why should we care...why?" I would be very impressed if you got more out of this crowd.
  12. just for clarification I don't think this is about whether debating high is a good/bad idea. The topic is "should it be legalized or non." Unless...you're suggesting the US federal government base its policy off of whether it will benefit policy debater's efficiency or not...highly doubtful.
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