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  1. hhmmmmmmmmmm..................very intriguing idea..........
  2. Well its the holiday break and that means its time for my annual post on C-X.com. For those of you who are new to the site, this is my general invitation to any and everyone for the Washburn Rural Forensics Tournament. The tournament is on January 27, 2007. Invitations have been mailed but invariably I miss someone, so here is the public invitation to everyone. We are a week earlier than previous years. This is to see if we can generate more than some regional interest in the tournament. Speaking of interest, SPORTS EXTEMP will again be offered. The event is growing in popularity and the competition is getting more intense. If it gets big enough maybe KSHSAA will make it an event........um,.....er,..... well,....I can hope can't I? There are a couple of changes this year. 1. There will not be any Friday events this year. Why? A) no one wants to debate the LD resolution for one tournament and then start all over when the "real topic" is released the next week. It is the week right after debate State Championships and congress is not real high on folk's priorities that week. Sorry Derek but that has been the opinion of the community, not mine. and C) That leaves PFD and really......c'mon. 2. We are offering a Novice division in Extemp only. Previously we had offered novice divisions in other events but the entries were so low that I have decided to not offer those. We hope to see all of you there! If your squad did not receive an invitation please have your coach call me or email me and I will make it happen. Rob Owens Forensics/ Speech/ Technical Theater Washburn Rural High School Topeka, Kansas
  3. Didn't say I could only post once a year.......just that I choose to. The tournament is February 3-4. It doesn't look as if there are any K.C. area tournaments that same weekend so......come on over and make a large tournament even bigger. We enjoy the challenge to host (we hope and aspire to) one of the finest forensics tournaments of the year. NO, I'm not being egotistical. This is just the goal we set ourselves and we have to compete with Burgett and her squad for bragging rights.
  4. Hello all. Once again I am posting on C-X because the Washburn Rural Forensics Tournament is early in the season and invitations won't get to you all until the first week of January. I thought I would give you all a heads up on the format so that you may be prepared. On Friday we will have Congress using the Flint Hills legislation (email me if you need a copy of the packet). It will contain a chamber of Senate, 2-3 regular houses and a novice house. There will also be Lincoln-Douglas debate. we will be using the Feb-March topic. I know, I know, that only gives you three days to prepare, but no one wants to debate the December-January topic only once so......... Oh, and there will be some PFD. Also the Feb Topic. You don't need three days to prepare anyway. We all know an hour or two is more than enough. On Saturday we will have OO, novice OO, INF, FX, DX, Nov EXT, HI, Nov HI, DI, DUO, OIL and the return of..............SPORTS EXTEMP!!!! Sports ext will draw topics from Sports Illustrated (both print and online) and Sporting News Hope to see you all there. O~
  5. I know that this is supposed to be a forum for debate but I also know that most extempers are debaters so..............this is to let everyone know that Washburn Rural is hosting its annual Forensics Tournament the first weekend of February and that in addition to the usual International and Domestic Extemp we are offering a division of .......................(loud trumpet fanfare inserted here) SPORTS EXTEMP (fading fanfare). I know that this is early but if you want to participate you will need to start collecting articles from Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News dated no earlier than December 1, 2004. If you don't subscribe you arn't out of luck, I think that most schools do carry one of them. There are also issues available on-line. Mr Steve Wood used to run this event several years ago and I think it is time to revive it. The official invites will be mailed out on Jan 3, 2005. If you don't get one and want to come have your coach email me and I will get one out to your squad. Thanks, Rob Owens Washburn Rural Forensics Coach
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