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  1. at least I did ok, for my standards. I suck at football.
  2. So for monticello only me and nick are left 1-1 Neil and neil are 2-0 Jay and Anuj are 2-0 Gerald and Abbas are 1-1 Jason and Taylor are 2-0 Scarsdale is out Edgemont is 2-0 but isnt comming out tomorrow. So Gerald and Abbas are going to hit us, while one of the two NFA teams will hit edgemont and get a "bye" and the other will go against lakeland
  3. They don't. They're sending in a filler team. I think its some of their TOC lders.
  4. For just plain old patriachy bad you can pm me. I compiled a lot of patriarchy cards into one file when i was making my aff and should have that file somewhere.
  5. Kei

    Empire K

    I've got a file or two from last year. I also have a digital copy of The Empire pm if you want any of it
  6. I'm just not finding anything good enough
  7. does anyone have any better pha=demo promo cards? I have a russia c/p not a consult russia cp u want that its from a while back
  8. on this, does anyone have a public health assistance = democracy promotion card I need this for an internal link in my Russia DA
  9. Does anyone have some good answers to country pics. I can't find any good generic answers
  10. Kei

    SSA T

    Does anyone have a definition for Sub-Saharan Africa that says something like it a a certain political area ___ or where i can get it
  11. Kei

    Pallo Frieie

    Freire talks about how the surrent form of education is bad. The teacher-student model that we have now creates the "banking concept of education." Freire advocates that we change how students are taught to a form of education where students are able to critically analyze the world around them.
  12. Kei

    ATTN: Monticello

    and now that i somehow found this post (the one time i've been on cross-x in forever) Nick, why/how do you have the CP? And let's close this thread. There's no point to it.
  13. Does anyone have generic answers to country PICS. Or what camp has it. I have a file or two for specific country pics.
  14. Kei


    Nick and Anthony will be going JV and we're sending 2 novice teams
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