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  1. But I still think we should respect those that died to get rid of the word, I mean at least not use it so losely.
  2. OK. We all know and are constantly learning about the civil rights movement. But, what I think we need to take into consideration is that our civil rights leaders fought hard, some till death, to get rid of the word. You'd think we might be able to show a little more respect to those that died. Some use a "double standard" saying that it is ok for black people to say it and not for others. Well, I honestly believe that it is extremely disrespectful for people whose ancestors were constantly being called this name out of hate, to bring it back and use it as an everyday term as if their previous generations hadn't faught and even died to rid our world of the word. I might be wrong by thinking this, as I am white, but I can honestly say that if I were black, I would most definitely not use the word, and would advise all others not to either.
  3. did he really? its not damn fucking idiot of the year?? what a rip off.... i cant believe it... he probably nominated himself.
  4. both of these topics suck really bad... i dont know what to vote for... im leaning to civil liberties b/c i dont want to talk about the last 2 elections and how much i hated them...
  5. never!!!! the best novices are in the mid-west!!!! kansas pride!!!
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